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Wheel loaders play a major role in earthmoving applications. These are the types of machines you can rely on to maintain performance in demanding environments. That's why we’re committed to helping every contractor find high-quality wheel loaders to keep their operations moving. Our dealers’ used Cat® wheel loaders are powerful, easy to maneuver and available in multiple price points to fit your budget.

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CAT 938M, 138,0552019
5,502 h

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CAT 966M20197,896 h

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CAT 907M2021
Clayton, VI
110 hair conditionerbucketmirrorsbeacon

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CAT 906 M, 54,2692019
1,723 h Conditionsair conditionercoupler - quickproduct linkengine enclosureslighting

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CAT 950L, 88,0282018
9,561 hair conditionerliftropsproduct linkengine enclosures

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CAT 930M2016
Clayton, VI
3,130 hair conditionerbucketcouplerforksmirrors

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CAT 972MXE, 306,7052020
4,250 h Conditionsair conditionerbucketride controlauto lubesteering type - joystick

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SEM MACHINERY SEM656D, 60,0002021
3,569 h Conditionsair conditionerlightingultra low sulfur diesel fuelmirrorsbeacon

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Kramer 5035, 28,2632016
2,034 h

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CAT 966MXE, 180,4502018
9,099 h

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CAT 962G22003
14,237 h

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CAT 950M, 81,4602019
10,592 h Conditionsair conditionerauxiliary hydraulics - 3rd valvebucketlift - higharrangement - waste handling

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CAT 924K, 128,6342017
Surrey, BC
4,683 h

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CAT 950GC, 55,0002017
14,492 h

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CAT 908-14, 75,9852022
144 h

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CAT 988K, 660,0832015
Adelaide, SA
14,540 h Special Offers Customer Value Agreement Rebuildair conditionerbucketlift - highemissions level - epa - epa tier 4femissions level - eu - eu stage iv

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CAT 966MXE, 199,4742018
9,629 h

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CAT 980M, 253,8262018
8,273 h

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CAT 926M, 206,6962021
Quebec City, QC
1,212 h Conditionsair conditionerauxiliary hydraulics - 3rd valvebucketcounterweightauto lube

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John Deere 844K, 82,0002016
10,000 h

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CAT 938M, 293,2852023
Edmonton, AB
500 h

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CAT 966M20197,401 h

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CAT 950M, 85,8772015
10,891 h

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SEM MACHINERY SEM660D, 70,00020214,232 h Conditions

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