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Are you interested in enhancing your asphalt paving projects with a sturdy, economical solution you can rely on every day? We understand the tight schedules and heavy demands of the asphalt paving industry. That’s why we have a vast inventory with some of the most durable paving solutions from Caterpillar and dozens of other manufacturers. Sign up to receive an email alert when the piece of equipment you’re looking for becomes available.

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CAT CC2.7-MB, 59,0002022
Charlotte, NC
112 h Cat Certified Used Conditions Special Offersultra low sulfur diesel fuel

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CAT AP555, 400,0002021
Rental Fleet, Subject To Availability., AL
1,287 h Cat Certified Used Conditions Customer Value Agreementlightingproduct linkcontrols, non contacting grade (sonic)push rollerscreed, electrical heating system

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CAT AP655F, 409,9002019
Sterling, VA
2,507 h Cat Certified Used Conditionsproduct link

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CAT AP 1000 F, 89,5002016
Salem, VA
7,088 h Dealer Certified Conditionslightingproduct linkultra low sulfur diesel fuelscreed, electrical heating systemscreed, extendable

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CAT AP555F, 215,0002020
Milwaukee, WI
4,163 h Conditions

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Weiler P385B, 129,3442021
North Syracuse, NY
2,961 hlighting, night pavingpower assisted drivescreed, end gate - heatedscreed type, hydraulic - rear extensionsemissions level

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CAT CS44B2020
San Leandro, CA
874 h

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Weiler W530B2024
Salt Lake City, UT
4 h

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CAT AP-1055, 220,0002017
Pocatello, ID
6,618 h

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Weiler P265, 125,0002021
Richmond, VA
1,154 h Conditionswashdown tankvandal guardsgeneratorpush roller - oscillatingscreed heating system - electrical

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CAT AP555, 564,0002024
Ogden, UT
76 h

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CAT AP655F, 287,5002018
3,486 h Conditionslightingproduct linkam fm cd radioultra low sulfur diesel fuelce plate

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CAT CS563C, 37,5001995
Yakima, WA
10,650 h Conditionslightingrops - open

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Weiler WILR P65, 90,0002020
Meridian, ID
320 h

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CAT AP655F, 299,5002019
Call Foley, KS
3,175 h Conditionswashdown tankaugers, vertically adjustableventilation systemscreed type, hydraulic - rear extensionsscreed heating system - electrical

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CAT AP1055B, 27,5002004
Monroe, NJ
8,960 h Conditionspower assisted drivescreed, grade controlscreed, slope controlventilation systemfeeder sensors - paddle sensors

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Weiler P265, 155,0002019
Russellville, AR
2,259 h

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CAT AP-1055D, 45,1912008
Milford, MA
6,662 hscreed, grade controlscreed, slope controlaugers, vertically adjustableventilation system3d grade control - capable

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CAT RM500B, 393,0002017
Salina, KS
3,360 h Conditionsropsmirrorstorque converter

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LeeBoy L8000R, 18,0001999
Texarkana, AR
Conditionspower assisted drivescreed extensions - height control - manualpush roller - truck hitchscreed extensions - slope control - manualscreed, grade control

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CAT AP-1000B, 36,8501999
Minot, ND
11,640 h Conditionscrown control - power

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