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The telehandler is one of the most vital components of your construction or earthmoving fleet. This sturdy, versatile machine is known for its ability to handle heavy loads while helping reduce operational costs. A used telehandler from your local Cat® dealer can offer you long-lasting service and excellent ROI. We’ll help you find a machine in your area that fits your needs with our extensive listing of used Cat telehandlers for sale.

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CAT TL1255, 199,8002018
Mcdonough, GA
2,497 h Cat Certified Used Conditions Customer Value Agreementdouble auxiliary hydraulic supplyeu declaration of conformitytier 2 complianttier 1 compliantemissions level - eu - iv

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CAT TL642D CB, 119,0002017
Asheville, NC
451 h Cat Certified Used Special Offerstl642 north american orderlane 3 orderhot listccu [cat certified used]alarm,back up,standard

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CAT TH360B, 43,9002005
Shelby Twp., MI
2,278 h Conditionscoupler - quicklightingauxiliary hydraulics pressure - high pressurecoupler type - hydrauliccombined hydraulics - two way

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CAT TH63, 30,0002001
Menomonee Falls, WI
4,378 h Conditionscoupler - quickcoupler type - hydrauliccombined hydraulics - two wayforks - palletcarriage width - standard

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CAT TH255C CB, 95,6002021
Salt Lake City, UT
1,957 hcounterweight

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Genie GTH5519, 74,9002023
Topeka, KS
45 h

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CAT TL1255D, 142,5602016
Topeka Area, KS
2,413 h Specificationscab - enclosed

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Genie GTH5519, 51,7002016
Olathe, KS
908 horopsbeacon

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CAT TL943C, 75,0002015
Cheyenne, WY
3,009 hcab - enclosed

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CAT TL1255D, 129,5002018
Fresno, CA
4,791 hcab - enclosed

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CAT TL943D, 82,1562017
Phoenix, AZ
4,535 hforks - palletcarriage width - standard

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Genie GTH1544, 119,1002015
Wichita, KS
1,221 hfire extinguisher

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Genie GTH1544, 125,9002014
Wichita, KS
1,114 hforks

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Genie GTH5519, 56,7002019
Great Bend, KS
1,158 horops

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CAT TH255C, 56,5252014
Yakima, WA
1,544 h

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CAT TL642, 53,0002008
Portland, OR
1,535 h

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CAT TL1055D, 158,2202018
Topeka Area, KS
2,111 h Specificationscab - enclosed

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CAT TL642C, 79,5002014
Greensboro, NC
1,155 h

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CAT TL1255D, 170,3702018
Topeka Area, KS
2,834 h Specificationscab - enclosed

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CAT TH255C, 105,0002021
Henderson, NV
312 h Conditionslightingauxiliary hydraulicsultra low sulfur diesel fueleropscoupler, quick

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Genie GTH5519, 52,3422019
Mesa, AZ
1,434 h

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CAT TL1255D, 183,3602020
Topeka Area, KS
1,868 hcab - enclosed

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