Caterpillar 120G

Caterpillar 120G

38,500 USD
Working hours
99999 h
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Basic information
BrandCaterpillar 120G
Categorymotor graders
Serial Number87V06728
Catalog NumberCU4681950
Manufacturing Year1983
Hours99999 h
CountryUnited States
LocationBebee, AR
Price Excluding Tax38,500 USD
Price Including Tax USD
Additional InformationSCARIFIER
Additional InformationSCARIFIER
  • general appearance
  • safety items
  • gauges, operator station, console
  • engine
  • cooling system
  • electrical, starting and charging system
  • transmission
  • steering
  • brake
  • hydraulics
  • blade
  • comments, misc. repairs, general remarks
  • drivechain / tandems
  • scarifer
  • tires
general appearance
  • YesMachine has a lot of oily areas around engine and trans. Machine needs a good wash inside and out.
  • FairBattery box’s are in place and solid but lids don’t fit very tight.
  • FairStructurally cab still looks pretty good.
  • Good
  • FairFuel fill cap breather/filter is cracked and it can let rain water enter into tank. Need to replace filter/breather to correct issue.
  • Good
  • FairPaint and decals are faded and oxidized but for the age of machine still looks pretty decent.
  • Good
  • Good
  • Good
  • FairRight cab entry steps are missing left ones are in place and functional.
safety items
  • YesMachine is equipped with ROPS but is probably in decertified condition due to several holes have been drilled into it to mount accessory’s.
  • Good
  • Good
  • Good
  • FairFunctional but outdated.
gauges, operator station, console
  • Head liner is coming apart and hanging down.
  • FairDash and consoles are still in pretty decent condition at this time plastic is beginning to fade and oxidize.
  • FairCab door latches work ok but door seals are pretty worn out.
  • FairThere no gauges in cab only various warning lights. Gauges are mounted in engine compartment bulkhead at right rear of cab. They appear to be working but lens’s are a little faded/scratched.
  • FairAll glass looks ok but there are no external mirrors.
  • Good
  • Good
  • FairHour meter is only showing 104 hours. meter has apparently been replaced due to hours do not reflect age or condition of machine. Actual hours are unknown at this time.
  • FairSeat cushions are still decent but back is starting to tear and seat adjustments are frozen up.
  • FairSwitches appear to be functional but cannot confirm wiper controls due to all windshield wipers are missing. There is also a switch at upper right side of cab that it’s function is unknown.
  • PoorAll wiper arms are missing.
  • Yes
  • No
  • YesSeveral oil leaks on and around engine. Recommend throughly washing areas and rerun machine to locate and repair leaks.
  • No
  • Only noticed black smoke at start up and when throttling up. Appears to be normal.
  • FairPretty dirty recommend cleaning or replacement.
  • GoodCoolant is red and level in radiator looks good.
  • Good
  • Good
  • GoodDidn’t notice any issues with engine performance. Engine starts and runs good. Noticed no unusual noises or vibrations.
  • FairTurbo seems to be working as it should but appears to be an exhaust leak somewhere on it due to a lot of soot build up between exhaust and inlet side.
cooling system
  • Overall cooling package appears to be in pretty good shape at this time. Didn’t notice any coolant leaks and coolant level in radiator is at safe level.
  • No
  • Good
  • Good
  • Good
  • Good
  • Good
  • Good
  • Good
electrical, starting and charging system
  • No
  • No
  • GoodCables and connections look pretty good at this time. Connections are a little dirty. Recommend removing and cleaning.
  • Good
  • FairMachine has some degree of grade control technology on it but harness’s to components is damaged functionality of components is unknown. Overall wiring may be breaking down at anytime due to age. But currently noticed no major issues.
  • GoodMachine only has front work lights but they are working as they should.
  • YesSome oily areas around trans and diff. Source isn’t clear. Need to wash completely and rerun machine to locate and repair leaks. Didn’t notice any major leaks at this time.
  • Good
  • FairThere is a lot oily build up around rear of machine it could indicate some degree of leakage from either lines or fittings need to wash areas and rerun machine to locate and repair any leaks.
  • GoodDidn’t notice any issues with transmission performance at this time. Noticed no unusual noises or vibrations.
  • Good
  • Good
  • FairSome noticeable wear in pins and bushings but noticed nothing excessive at this time.
  • Good
  • FairSome lines appear to have been replaced and there are some that are in pretty rough shape having outer layer rotting exposing inner wire. But they are currently holding and not leaking.
  • FairRod seals are showing signs of dry rot but doesn’t appear to be leaking at this time.
  • GoodNoticed no issues with overall steering system performance.
  • Good
  • FairRod seals are showing signs of dry rot but not really leaking at this time.
  • FairCompressor doesn’t seem to recharge air system very fast and doesn’t seem to reach a full system charge. Recommend further troubleshooting and repair as needed.
  • FairAir lines appear to be pretty worn would recommend throughly inspecting all brake lines and replace as needed.
  • Good
  • PoorService brakes seem to be very worn. Pedal has to be pressed to floor to stop machine and they don’t lock up but will slowly stop machine. Recommend further troubleshooting braking system and repair as needed.
  • YesSeveral oil leaks in the area of hydraulic pump need to throughly wash areas and rerun machine to locate and repair leaks. Including resealing both control valves.
  • Good
  • FairRod seals are dry rotting and starting to leak.
  • FairLines are decent but they’re showing their age also one of the lines to pin puller has been spliced. Recommend it be replaced.
  • Good
  • FairControl valves are fully functional but both are leaking.
  • FairLeft lift cylinder is ok but right lift cylinder is leaking pretty bad around rod seals.
  • GoodOverall hydraulic system functions as it should. Noticed no unusual noises or vibrations.
  • FairLeaking around rod seals rod seals are dry rotting.
  • GoodTank condition looks ok but rubber isolators are getting worn.
  • FairLeaking around rod seals rod seals are dry rotting.
  • All wear strips and blade shims are pretty worn but replacement of all wear items should tighten it back up. Lower blade mounts also have some wear in them.
  • FairStructurally A frame looks good but wear pads are pretty worn.
  • FairCutting edges are pretty worn and will need to be replaced pretty soon.
  • Good
comments, misc. repairs, general remarks
  • At this time machine is still a fully functional unit.
drivechain / tandems
  • Good
  • FairLeft tandem housing is damaged. It appears a chain may have broken and struck top of housing denting it up and braking weld in that area customer has put silicone sealer over damaged area to keep it from leaking.
  • Good
  • FairHoses don’t appear to be leaking at this time but they are getting old.
  • Good
  • Good
  • PoorShanks and end bits are badly worn.
Make / Serial# Tread Depth in 1/32" % Life Remaining Recapped Tread Cuts/Chunks Side Cuts Section
Left CenterGALAXY 14.00-24 (NEW)NoNo
Left FrontYOKOHAMA 14.00R24 (separating)NoYes
Left RearGALAXY 14.00-24 (NEW)NoNo
Right CenterGALAXY 14.00-24 (NEW)NoNo
Right FrontGALAXY 14.00-24NoNo
Right RearGALAXY 14.00-24 (NEW)NoNo
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