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Designed to smooth uneven surfaces and prepare them for the paving process, motor graders are essential to any roadbuilding operation. If you're looking to expand your roadwork fleet without overextending your budget, investing in a used road grader, particularly one from a known manufacturer like Caterpillar, may be an ideal fit for your operations.

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Caterpillar 12M3AWD, 224,9002017
La Crosse, VA
4,892 h Cat Certified Used Conditions14' moldboardmirrorsrearview cameradifferential lockripper, multi-shank

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Caterpillar 140 GC, 295,0002021
Rental Fleet Machine, Subject To Availability., AL
1,167 h Cat Certified Used Conditions Customer Value Agreementbase + 2 (rip, fl)14' moldboardripper, multi-shanklightingair conditioner

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Caterpillar 140, 405,0002020
Rental Fleet Machine, Subject To Availability, AL
1,685 h Cat Certified Used Conditions Special Offers Customer Value Agreementfront scarifiertires,14.0r2414' moldboardmirrorsrearview camera

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Caterpillar 140M3 GOV2016
Laredo, TX
1,549 h Cat Certified Used14' moldboardmirrorsrearview cameralightingproduct link

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Caterpillar 12M3, 286,8702019
Colorado Springs, CO
3,168 h Specifications Cat Certified Used Conditionsuc, hd, suspendedbase + 1 (rip)cab, plus (standard glass)camera, rear visioncold weather package

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Caterpillar 140, 400,0002020
Rental Fleet Machine, Subject To Availability, AL
2,197 h Cat Certified Used Conditionscab, plus (interior)radio gp - am/fmmirrors, outside mountedlast known hours 5,222; hour meter inoperable14.00r24 tires

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Caterpillar 120 RIP, 279,5002019
Fredericksburg, VA
3,345 h Cat Certified Used Conditionsair suspension seatbluetooth radiosupplemental steeringcross slopeblade extension

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Caterpillar 140 GC, 350,0002022
Rental Fleet Machine, Subject To Availability, AL
307 h Cat Certified Used Conditions Customer Value Agreementvalve, anti drift, stick14' moldboardripper, multi-shankair conditionererops

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Caterpillar 140 GC, 305,0002021
Rental Fleet Machine, Subject To Availability, AL
1,107 h Cat Certified Used Conditions Customer Value Agreementpriced 05/26/23 kr14' moldboardmirrorsrearview cameraripper, multi-shank

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Caterpillar 12M3, 269,8002019
Mcdonough, GA
4,000 h Cat Certified Used Customer Value Agreementtires, flotation, 8pr17.5 tiresaro ready

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Caterpillar 120MAWD, 171,9002011
Mechanicsville, VA
5,108 h Dealer Certified Conditionsair suspension seatmirrorscircle clutchdefroster fansupplemental steering

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Caterpillar 120M AWD, 127,3352010
Eloy, AZ
2,515 h Conditionsecm downloadengine tier rating: not ratedadvanced control joystickaro/gps readyauto articulation

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Caterpillar 12M3 TR, 233,2542017
Mesa, AZ
7,008 hecm download# ripper shanks: five# scar shanks: nineadvanced control joystickair conditioning

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John Deere 772G, 108,0002010
Aurora, CO
9,873 h Conditions

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Caterpillar 150-15, 395,0002020
Poteet, TX
1,345 h Conditionsaccugrade readyair suspension seat14' moldboardmirrorsrearview camera

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Caterpillar 140M3, 305,0002016
Albuquerque, NM
5,035 h Specifications Conditionssnow arrangementguard, transmissionaccumulators, blade liftas is / as receivedmirrors, outside heated 24v

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Caterpillar 12M3, 225,0002016
Birmingham, AL
3,798 h Conditionspaccar winch pa140-316v sn 1302863 ar 231-225814' moldboard14.0 x 24 tiresmulti shank rippermirrors

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Caterpillar 120M, 93,5002009
Omaha, NE
11,576 h Specifications Conditions8a bladeair conditioner with heaterglobal arrangementroll on-roll offalternator 80 amp (ac)

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Caterpillar 120 LVR, 215,0002019
9901 Ringhaver Drive, FL
3,722 hprotection, cylinder roddrawbar, standard, hyd tip,lvrhitch, towingseat beltdrain, gravity, engine oil

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Caterpillar 140M 2, 299,5002011
Rock Springs, WY
3,591 h Specificationstrack, 36" es (45 sec) system 1articulation guardcamera, rear visionglobal arrangement,low ambientheater, engine coolant, 120v

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