What Is a Telehandler Used For? 5 Main Uses

What Is a Telehandler Used For? 5 Main Uses
What Is a Telehandler Used For? 5 Main Uses
Author: Small Business Expert | April 1, 2021 | Topic: Used Equipment

What Is a Telehandler Used For? 5 Main Uses

Telehandlers, also known as telescopic handlers, combine the lifting power of a hydraulic forklift with the height of a small crane. Extending up to 50 feet and hauling up to 12,000 pounds, telehandlers can be outfitted with attachments like buckets, jibs, pallet forks, pushing blades and aerial platforms for versatile use in multiple jobs.

From loading and lifting to project cleanup and snow plowing, telehandlers fulfill multiple needs. Understanding when to use a telehandler can help determine if one of these machines is right for your fleet.

Top 5 Uses for a Telehandler

Though they were initially utilized mainly in agriculture, telehandlers now serve crews completing many different types of projects. These machines are powerful and versatile, making a telehandler an excellent addition to nearly any fleet. The following are the top five applications of a telehandler:

  1. Moving heavy loads: Transporting heavy materials from place to place is easy with a powerful telehandler. Crews can use different attachments for various heavy-lifting purposes. For example, the pallet fork attachment enables telescopic handlers to safely relocate heavy boxes, bricks or blocks.
  2. Reaching high planes: Telehandlers go where forklifts can't. Crews can use these lifts to safely load materials onto high shelves, replace light fixtures, clean ceilings and more without investing extra money on more expensive machines like cranes. High-reaching telehandlers improve efficiency and minimize the risk of injury on the work site.
  3. Clearing job sites: Starting and finishing jobs usually require extensive work to clear space and restore a location to cleaner conditions. Crews often use telehandlers with a broom or all-purpose bucket attachment to efficiently remove debris and waste products. Telehandlers are also useful for removing snow.
  4. Repairing tall structures: Telehandlers allow crews to safely reach high points of tall buildings, statues and other similar structures. Many telehandlers feature no-slip floor pads and reliable railings to prevent accidents.
  5. Caring for trees: With enhanced mobility and reach, telehandlers allow crews to access hard-to-reach points on trees to monitor health, prune branches, fill cavities and more.

Why Buy a Used Telehandler?

A telehandler can make an excellent addition to any fleet, and browsing used offerings allows crew leaders access to the widest variety of machines. Used telehandlers are reliable enough for frequent use, and because buyers purchase them at a lower rate, they experience less depreciation. Shopping used can help you find a lower rate on effective equipment like telehandlers, letting you obtain a dependable backup option or complete a temporary job outside of your regular service offerings.

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