Caterpillar 627B

Caterpillar 627B

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Basic information
BrandCaterpillar 627B
Serial Number14S00739
Unit NumberEQN144012
Catalog NumberCU4759209
Manufacturing Year1977
Hours11916 h
CountryUnited States
LocationGering, NE
Price Excluding TaxOn Request
TaxOn Request
Price Including TaxOn Request
Additional InformationCAT 3306 ENGINE
Additional InformationCAT 3306 ENGINE
  • general appearance
  • gauges, operator station, console
  • steering
  • brake
  • hydraulics
  • final drives
  • front cooling system
  • front electrical, starting & charging system
  • front engine
  • front transmission
  • scraper
  • scraper hitch/suspension axle
  • tires
general appearance
  • FairHood/Grill/Fenders - Dented and bent
  • PoorFaded - worn - chipped and scratched
  • FairGuards/Covers/Steps - Bent and twisted
gauges, operator station, console
  • Side boards - Fair condition - Shows signs of wear - draft arm P&B loose worn
  • FairDoors - Fair condition - Panels loose interior
  • Good
  • FairScratched and stained glass seals cracked - weather checked and leaking
  • FairHeater mounted in cab - wires are disconnected
  • Good
  • Good
  • Steering Wheel Play - Yes - Machine is sluggish while steering
  • FairP&B loose
  • Brake type - Drum and shoe / Pull Through Brakes - Yes
  • PoorBrakes - Poor condition - Left front brake sticks and brakes sluggish to apply
  • PoorEmergency brake does not work
  • YesSeveral leaks from the control valve - left side of transmission suction line leaking to implement pump steering cylinders leak. Ejector cylinder is leaking
  • Good condition
  • Articulating Center Pins - Fair condition - P&B loose
  • PoorWeather checked - cracked - several leaks
  • Good
final drives
  • Final drives - Fair condition
front cooling system
  • Coolant levels - Good condition
  • No
front electrical, starting & charging system
  • Warning lights do not work / Only two front headlights works
  • FairCables corroded compartment full of debris
front engine
  • YesSlight blow by coming from drop tube typical from older engines
  • YesOily dirt collection seen at several spots. Engine panels were not removed due to size for better inspection
  • Caterpillar 3306
  • Yes - Engine smokes and runs with a miss
  • Good
front transmission
  • Good condition
  • Powershift transmission
  • Transmission did shift well during operation. Excessive oil was observed coming from vent cap from vent
  • Good
  • FairBowl has been cut in half and has been extended to increase capacity
  • Fair
  • FairCosmetic looks rough - Operates well - Cylinder leaks
scraper hitch/suspension axle
  • FairCylinder has oil residue around the seal
  • 29.5-29 Bias tires
Make / Serial# Tread Depth in 1/32" % Life Remaining Recapped Tread Cuts/Chunks Side Cuts Section
Left FrontAdvance60
Left RearSamson60
Right FrontSamson75
Right RearSamson60
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