Caterpillar TH407C

Caterpillar TH407C

55,500 USD
Working hours
1982 h
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Basic information
BrandCaterpillar TH407C
Serial NumberMLH00383
Unit NumberEQN096816
Catalog NumberCU4420249
Manufacturing Year2013
Hours1982 h
CountryUnited States
LocationLincoln, NE
Price Excluding Tax$55,500
Price Including Tax-
Additional InformationTH407C
  • general appearance
  • safety items
  • gauges, operator station, console
  • engine
  • cooling system
  • electrical, starting and charging system
  • transmission
  • brake
  • hydraulics
  • final drives
  • comments, misc. repairs, general remarks
  • tires
general appearance
  • Good
  • FairPaint is scratched, peeling and has some surface rust
  • FairFront fenders are gone and brackets are broken. Both rear fenders are cracked
  • Good
  • Good
safety items
  • GoodEnclosed
  • Good
  • FairOne right side mirror is gone and the other is broken
gauges, operator station, console
  • FairRight wiper is inoperable
  • Good
  • Good
  • Good
  • GoodDoors are in good condition
  • FairFuse panel cover is gone
  • FairAmbient air temperature was too cold to test properly
  • No
  • No
  • No
cooling system
  • Coolant levels are good - no coolant leaks
electrical, starting and charging system
  • GoodWarning and work lights are in working condition
  • Good
  • Linkage is in good condition
  • GoodPowershift - Good condition
  • Good
  • Brakes are in good condition - Emergency brake is in working condition
  • FairA hose leak is present under the rear corner of the cab. Area needs cleaned and inspected to see what the cause of the leak is
  • Good
  • Cylinder rods - Good condition / Hydraulics are leaking - A hose leak is present under the rear corner of the cab. Area needs cleaned and inspected to see what the cause of the leak is
final drives
  • Final drives - Good condition
comments, misc. repairs, general remarks
  • Mast / Boom section - Boom slides are worn out and need replaced. Slides are likely worn due to the size of the roll out bucket on the machine
  • Forks - Good condition - Machine will be traded with a set of forks. Unsure of the condition since they were not with the machine at the time of inspection
  • Lift capacity - 8150 / Maximum height - 24 / Max forward reach - 12.3
  • No outriggers
  • 460-70R24
Make / Serial# Tread Depth in 1/32" % Life Remaining Recapped Tread Cuts/Chunks Side Cuts Section
Left FrontMichelin25
Left RearMichelin25
Right FrontMichelin25
Right RearMichelin25
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