Why Should I Buy Cat Certified Used Equipment?

Why Should I Buy Cat Certified Used Equipment?
Why Should I Buy Cat Certified Used Equipment?
Author: Small Business Expert | August 11, 2020 | Topic: Used Equipment

Why Should I Buy Cat Certified Used Equipment?

Exploring used Cat® equipment is a wise decision for your budget, but how do you find the best long-term value for your investment? With Cat Certified Used, you have undisputed confidence in your options.

From loaders to excavators and articulated trucks, every piece of Cat Certified Used equipment undergoes a meticulous inspection to ensure it will deliver the exceptional performance your job demands. You can count on these late-model, low-hour, warranty-backed machines to work reliably and deliver higher resale value.

What Does Cat Certified Used Mean?

To receive the certification, each selection has to meet certain conditions and go through the same multi-step assessment. The process includes:

  • Eligibility and qualifications: First, a lightly-used, low-hour machine is selected for an initial report.
  • A rigorous inspection inside and out: A trained inspector reviews every possible detail in a machine — up to 140 points. The process includes a walk-around and a visual check of each component. Technicians then look deeper at its overall health by running and operating it, sampling fluids and testing electronics.
  • Preventive maintenance and service with genuine Cat parts: If a component isn't noted to be clean and in good functioning condition, then it must be tuned-up or repaired. Any replacement parts are sourced directly from Caterpillar to ensure optimal performance.
  • CCU certificate and Caterpillar warranty: The certification is issued after the dealer compiles a final report. Finally, a manufacturer's warranty is applied based on the age and condition of the equipment.
Cat® Certified Used Equipment: We Test It. You Can Trust It.

Benefits of Buying Cat Certified Used Equipment

You Know Your Sources

There's a risk with buying a used machine from an owner who can't provide answers about the operation, service and repair history. Many Cat Certified Used listings, however, come from the dealer's rental fleet, which means your local partner can provide an accurate, detailed account of the machine's life. Trade-ins and lease returns adhere to similar standards. Only authorized Cat dealers and trained technicians can transform a pre-owned piece of equipment into a certified product.


You Receive a Caterpillar Warranty

Called an Equipment Protection Plan, or EPP, this comprehensive coverage protects more than 70 different powertrain and hydraulics components. Expert repairs completed at your Cat dealer are done right the first time, by highly-trained technicians using genuine Cat parts.


You Get Peace of Mind

Your Cat dealer puts in the time and resources to verify a machine is in prime condition for you. The reassurance of buying Certified Cat Used means less time weighing whether the machine passes the test. You're able to spend more hours performing your best work in your industry.

Find a Cat Certified Used Product Online

On the Cat Used website, you can start a search for certified equipment and refine your machine type and location. You'll find details about the area Cat dealer to contact for more information.

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