Why Buy Used Equipment From a Caterpillar Dealer?

Why Buy Used Equipment From a Caterpillar Dealer?
Why Buy Used Equipment From a Caterpillar Dealer?
Author: Small Business Expert | January 16, 2023 | Topic: Used Equipment

Why Buy Used Equipment From a Caterpillar Dealer?

Many contractors choose used equipment for their construction projects. This decision can provide significant financial benefits while maintaining high performance.

Cat® dealers are your trusted partner for each project, providing expert service and offering reliable equipment for every job. Uncover the advantages of working with a Cat dealer and determine the benefits of buying used Cat equipment with this guide.

Types of Used Equipment Services That Cat® Dealers Provide

With used equipment services, you reap the benefits of working with a Cat dealer, including dedicated service, unparalleled equipment performance and access to additional parts and coverage. Your local Cat dealer can:


1. Sell Used Equipment

As your construction business expands, so does your need for greater versatility. If you're considering buying a used machine for your operation, your local Cat dealer can provide the options you need. You'll find the right equipment for the job from your Cat dealer's full line of used equipment, including excavators, forklifts, dozers, attachments and much more. They will help you find the ready-to-work equipment you need at the price you can afford.


2. Buy Your Used Equipment

Another of your local Cat dealer's used equipment services is equipment purchasing. When you want to sell your used heavy equipment, you're concerned with making back as much of your money as possible. Cat dealers make buying your used heavy equipment as easy as possible and deeply understand your industry and the selling market, so they can accurately determine your equipment's value.


3. Provided Detailed Appraisals

One of the most significant benefits of working with a Cat dealer is the confidence you can have in your equipment. You can ask them for a specific machine's appraisal to find information about:

  • Maintenance records
  • Parts replacement
  • Hours of use
  • Incident reports


4. Accept Trade-Ins

If you're interested in selling your used heavy equipment, you can also trade it in at your local Cat dealer. Trading in used equipment is one of the best ways to offload it and acquire another machine in return.


5. Consign Your Equipment

Your local Cat dealer can leverage their prime location and connections within the industry to market your used equipment to the right people. The process is convenient and simple, with less hassle than selling the equipment yourself. You also benefit from selling through a reputable dealer whose name people can trust.

NOTE: Not all Cat dealers offer consignment, and the consignment process varies by dealer. Check with your local dealer to see what trade option works best for you.

Advantages of Working With a Cat Dealer

When you need to purchase used heavy equipment to expand your fleet's capabilities and take on more business, partner with an equipment dealer that provides professional service and unmatched value. Check out these advantages of working with a Cat Dealer:

Advantages of Working With a Cat Dealer


1. Wide Inventory

If you expand your search into used equipment, you'll find a wider selection of equipment available for immediate purchase, including:

  • Machines
  • Attachments
  • Power systems
  • Trucks and trailers


2. Demo Before You Buy

One of the benefits of working with a Cat dealer is the opportunity to demo a piece of equipment. You can always ask your local Cat dealer to let you take the equipment for a test drive before you buy it.


3. Accurate Inspection Reports

Your local Cat dealer and Cat service technicians inspect each machine before putting it up for sale, conducting comprehensive inspections of every system and component so you know exactly what you're getting.


4. Up-to-Date Equipment Data

Look for thorough and up-to-date equipment documentation before you purchase. Most Cat dealers will be able to provide information on your equipment like systems, components and any remaining warranties.


5. Experienced Personal Service

Cat dealer representatives have extensive experience helping equipment owners determine and locate the machinery for their applications. Our dealer representatives always go above and beyond to provide the personalized service you need.


6. Attachment Recommendations

Trying to decide which attachments you need for your application? You might be familiar with the must-haves, but some jobs require special capabilities. Your local Cat dealer can help you make the call.


7. International Sourcing Network

You have several options for buying used Cat equipment online, including contacting your local dealer or messaging the seller of the exact machine you want. You have access to worldwide inventory, all from the internet.


8. Constant Revolving Inventory

Cat dealers build their extensive inventory of used equipment through trade-ins, lease returns and rentals. With traded-in equipment and consigned machines coming in regularly, you can find what you need quickly.


9. Expert Help With Equipment

Sometimes the specific machine you need for your job can be challenging to find. Your local Cat dealer will help you identify and locate the right equipment for your job, making recommendations based on your unique needs.


10. After-Sale Service

After-sale support is one of the most valuable advantages of buying used equipment from a Cat dealer. Our dealers offer comprehensive support to help extend equipment life. You can also sign a Cat Customer Value Agreement (CVA), which provides even more service options to protect your equipment.


11. Financing

Every construction business has unique needs, and having flexible payment options can help you get more done. When you consult with your Cat dealer, they can provide financing options to help spread out the cost over a set period.

Benefits of Buying Used Equipment From a Cat Dealer

Why buy used equipment from a Cat dealer? Because you gain a host of benefits like value, performance and trustworthy service. Here are just a few of the top benefits of buying used equipment from a Cat dealer:

  1. Expertise: When buying a used machine, you want dependable quality and performance that won't let you down. That's why it's essential to buy from a reliable source. Cat dealers consistently deliver robust service and reliable equipment you can depend on for top performance.
  2. Cost savings: Why buy used heavy equipment? The lower acquisition cost of used heavy machinery means you get to work faster, take on more jobs and make more profit. Since every Cat dealer services equipment to a high standard, you get to maintain your budget without sacrificing performance.
  3. Higher resale value: Cat used equipment is unmatched when it comes to holding its value. Cat machinery is built to last and Cat dealers provide the services and parts needed to keep it in excellent shape. NOTE: The resale value of your equipment is not guaranteed to increase.
  4. Sustainability: Buying used equipment from your local Cat dealer provides your business with sustainable growth. By leveraging existing used equipment in the market, you’re doing your part to cut down on waste. Cat equipment has impressive longevity, and with detailed dealer servicing, you can be sure to find machines that have been kept in excellent condition.
  5. Minimal depreciation: A new piece of construction equipment depreciates quickly as soon as the buyer drives it off the lot. However, used Cat machines that have been well-maintained hold their value longer because of their re-buildability and value.
  6. Extensive selection: Your local Cat dealer offers an extensive selection of machines, power systems and more. You can also sign up for email updates that alert you when a machine you're interested in becomes available.
  7. Qualified inspections: One of the best benefits of buying used equipment from a Cat dealer is the confidence you can have in the quality you're receiving. With Cat Certified Used, your local dealer performs thorough inspections to a higher standard, so when you're ready to work, your equipment is too.

Choose Cat Used for Your Used Equipment

Used Cat equipment is a smart investment because of its longevity, reliability and overall value. When you work with your local Cat dealer, you also benefit from used equipment services that put your fleet ahead of the game.

Browse our selection of used Cat equipment online. You can also find your local Cat dealer today and contact them about your needs.

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