Ways to Move Heavy Equipment

Ways to Move Heavy Equipment
Ways to Move Heavy Equipment
Author: Small Business Expert | June 23, 2020 | Topic: Used Equipment

Try Tools for Safer Ways to Move Heavy Equipment

When it comes time to move a piece of heavy machinery, it pays to have a safe and efficient way to do it. Why subject yourself to the risk of costly or even dangerous errors during the movement of your fleet? If you have the tools to move heavy equipment, you can save time and money while preserving the integrity of your machinery.

There are multiple ways to move equipment, and the method or tool you use will depend on your individual needs. You can prevent setbacks and simplify the transportation process now with these tips and tools.

How to Move Heavy Equipment

You’d be hard-pressed to find a single “right” way to get heavy equipment moved. Depending on the type of hardware you’re working with, you may find that one method is more effective than another. How much it costs to move this heavy equipment may also vary. For example, an average heavy-duty roller dolly may cost $1,000-$2,000, while a forklift may cost up to $30,000.

Even so, the most crucial point to keep in mind when you’re searching for a maneuvering solution is safety. Making sure that all your employees or team members are trained and informed on how to safely move used heavy equipment is a major priority, regardless of the tools you plan to use. It’s also important to don the proper safety gear and account for any potential mechanical issues before moving the equipment.

Improve Safety With Heavy-Duty Tools

Moving used construction equipment is easier with the help of these tools. Make it a point to have them on hand, and they’ll be available to offer their support in times of need. Some of the heavy-duty equipment options you can use include: 

  • Forklifts: These highly efficient machines offer excellent reliability when you need to load a truck or carry a piece of equipment to another nearby location. While forklifts are best applied over short distances, they’re strong and reliable. Some of them can even lift more than 50,000 pounds!
  • Dollies: For some types of equipment, a dolly or hand truck is a sufficient moving tool. There are rolling dollies for both light-duty and heavy-duty applications, and most offer great mobility so you can move them freely. Dollies are safe to use as long as you have a strap that’s sturdy enough to secure the equipment.
  • Floor jacks: If you’re using a dolly or other type of moving solution, you may need a tool that can help you get under the equipment first — that’s where floor jacks come in. These tools help you lift up the machine so it’s easier to place on the moving platform. 
  • Air bearings: Air bearings use air compressor technology to lift and move equipment on top of a platform. The highest performing air bearings can lift up to 30 tons, which makes them valuable solutions for users of large construction or industrial machinery. 
  • Machine skates: Skates are platforms with wheels that you can place under a piece of equipment to roll it across the floor. There are several different types of skates, including those that can turn and swivel with ease.

Find the Tool You Need Today

These are just a few of the many ways to move used construction equipment without compromising safety or efficiency in the workplace. If you’re interested in buying a cost-effective piece of equipment or tool for your fleet today, contact a Cat® dealer to learn more.