Top 5 Benefits of Buying Used Farm Equipment

Top 5 Benefits of Buying Used Farm Equipment
Top 5 Benefits of Buying Used Farm Equipment
Author: Small Business Expert | March 22, 2022 | Topic: Used Equipment

Top 5 Benefits of Buying Used Farm Equipment

It'd be an understatement to say that buying equipment for your farm is a big investment. You can make that investment easier by purchasing used farm equipment. Read on to learn why buying used is a wise decision for any operation.

5 Benefits of Buying Used Farm Equipment

Opting for used heavy equipment is usually the right choice for many operations because it's usually more affordable than buying new machinery. But there's more to farm equipment than the price tag alone. Here are our top five reasons to buy used farm equipment.


1. Increased Financial Flexibility

Most people know that used machinery usually comes at a lower ticket price than new machinery. After all, choosing used can save your business money in initial purchase costs. But did you know that used farm equipment can also help you improve your profits?

Because you won't be paying as much upfront, you can get the same or similar results from your used machine at a lower cost, which can open up farming opportunities for the future.


2. Backup Equipment

Veteran farmers know that equipment breakdowns are less of an "if" situation and more of a "when." Most farm equipment will last for several years, depending on how well it is maintained, but it can still help to have backups of your most important machines. That way, if an emergency happens, you can continue your work while you figure out a more permanent solution.


3. Better Resale Value*

New equipment depreciates much faster than used equipment, so you can often resell a used machine for the same price you paid for it. Of course, it depends on how well you maintain this used machine — equipment in poor condition will likely depreciate significantly.

This factor can be beneficial if you're thinking of upgrading to a brand-new machine in the future. You can buy a used machine in the meantime and easily resell it once you've saved up enough to cover the rest of the cost.

*The resale value of your equipment is not guaranteed to increase.


4. Good Beginner Purchase

If you're expanding your operations in a new direction — or if you're entirely new to farming — opting for used equipment is often a better choice than buying a brand-new machine.

Because used equipment is less expensive than new models, you can get things up and running with a relatively low initial investment. Plus, if you need to buy multiple machines, you can do so at a much more manageable cost than you would by purchasing new machines.

PRO TIP: Make sure you thoroughly inspect the machine you're interested in before buying. Take it for a test drive, if you can. If you notice anything abnormal — cracks in the tires, strange noises, leaks — move on to another machine. Bringing someone more familiar with this type of equipment can help you make sure you're getting the best bang for your buck. Or, if you're shopping online, get various photos and videos from the dealer.

Good Beginner Purchase


5. Trustworthy Durability

Buying used equipment can provide you with all the durability and strength you're accustomed to with your farm machines. For example, Cat® Certified Used equipment is inspected and serviced to high standards to ensure you get the longevity and power you need for all your agricultural tasks.

Best Types of Farm Equipment to Buy Used

Some pieces of equipment make more sense to buy used than others. The best types of farm equipment to buy used include:

  • Tractors: Buying a used tractor is an excellent way to save money. Tractors are long-lasting pieces of equipment, so you'll want to take care in selecting your machine.
  • Harvesters and combines: A good harvester is a vital piece of equipment for any agriculture operation. If you need to replace your current harvester or are just looking to add to your fleet, consider buying a used one. You can also often find used combine accessories like harvester headers at many dealerships.
  • Hay and forage equipment: Efficiently cutting, baling and storing hay is crucial to many farming operations. Using the right balers and forage machinery lets you complete these tasks on time without going over your budget. You can also find used rake attachments for reasonable prices at many dealerships, so make sure to look around and weigh all your available options.
  • Tillage equipment: Cultivating fields is a tremendous job, and you need your equipment to deliver dependable, consistent results. Tillage machines make turning and mixing the soil easy and quick. Purchasing a used tillage machine is a convenient and affordable way to till the land while reducing your overall workload.

Why Buy Used Farm Equipment From a Cat® Dealer?

The trained experts at every Cat dealer strive to help your business succeed, whether you're harvesting crops or herding livestock. Here's what you can expect when you work with an expert Cat dealer for your agricultural machinery needs:

  • Find the product you need: Your Cat dealer offers various used farm equipment, from harvesters to heavy-duty tractors. If you have a specific machine or hour range in mind, your dealer can notify you when something matching your specifications becomes available near you.
  • Get ongoing support: Cat dealers know the importance of regular maintenance and emergency support. All our dealers have advanced expertise and years of experience with selling and maintaining Cat equipment, so you can trust yours to help you extend your machinery's life span.
  • Gain peace of mind: Your Cat dealer is here for you even when things go wrong. With a Cat Used Customer Value Agreement (CVA), you can get the appropriate parts delivered right when you need them, in addition to flexible service options that keep your operation going. Make sure to ask your local Cat dealer about their offerings.

Buy Used Farm Equipment From Your Local Cat Dealer

If you're looking for used agricultural equipment, Cat dealers have what you need. They offer wide varieties of high-quality options in all age and hour ranges, providing multiple price points to fit any budget.

Browse our site to see our selection of available used equipment from our dealers, or find a Cat dealer near you.

Buy Used Farm Equipment From Your Local Cat Dealer

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Buy Used Farm Equipment From Your Local Cat Dealer
Buy Used Farm Equipment From Your Local Cat Dealer