How to Choose the Best Aerial Lift for Your Job

How to Choose the Best Aerial Lift for Your Job
How to Choose the Best Aerial Lift for Your Job
Author: Small Business Expert | December 9, 2020 | Topic: Used Equipment

How to Choose the Best Aerial Lift for Your Job

If you have an elevated project and need equipment that will help you reach it, an aerial lift might be the perfect machine to add to your fleet. This equipment is the preferred way to work at challenging heights and in tough locations, and there are several designs you can use to accomplish that goal safely. Choosing the right type of aerial lift for your project will ensure you can get the job done right.


How to Choose the Right Aerial Lift

When choosing the best aerial lift for your job, make sure you think about all the different factors that will impact what you can expect from yours.

Whether you plan to buy a new or used aerial lift, lease one or get a rental, be sure you consider:

  • How high you need to go: Aerial lifts reach varying heights depending on the type and model. Make sure yours goes high enough to accommodate all the tasks you need to get done.
  • How far you need to reach: Some aerial lifts go out as well as up. If you have jobs in high and hard-to-reach areas, make sure your equipment can extend far enough to meet your demands.
  • The size of your job site: There are lifts bigger than a car and lifts small enough to fit through a doorway. Choosing the right one for your project's footprint will give you the mobility you need.
  • The capacity you require: What do you plan to lift? If you intend to put multiple workers, their tools and construction materials up in the air, get a lift with the capacity to do it safely and quickly.
  • Your available power sources: You can get lifts that run on electricity or use fuel. If your job site has power drops, electric may be a suitable option. If it doesn't, you'll need an internal combustion model.
  • Whether you're inside or outdoors: Due to emissions, internal combustion aerial lifts are only suitable for outdoor use. If you plan to use yours in a building or other enclosed space, get an electric machine.


What Type of Aerial Lift Is Right for the Job?

There are many ways to move people and materials around a job site. Choosing the right type of aerial lift for your project will help make sure you do it as safely, productively and efficiently as possible. Two primary types are available. Each has advantages they bring to the table, and specific jobs they do better than the other:

  • Scissor lifts: Scissor lifts offer vertical mobility and a versatile work platform you can use for reaching high spaces indoors or outside. You can find designs suited for working on smooth or rough terrain, and some models reach up to 60 feet or more in the air.
  • Boom lifts: Boom lifts are larger pieces of equipment, with telescoping and articulated models available. Telescoping models offer greater height and reach. Articulated boom lifts provide added maneuverability even with the boom extended and basket high.

Get a Used Aerial Lift and Save

Check out hundreds of used aerial lifts for sale, including dealer-certified models, available through the Cat® dealer network. Find your local dealer to learn more about a piece of equipment and for help selecting the right machine. When you're searching on our site, be sure to enroll in email alerts to get custom notifications when a dealer lists equipment that matches your criteria.