Paus -RL-852 TSL2.4

Paus -RL-852 TSL2.4

La Cerere
Citirea kilometrajului
50 h
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MarcaPaus -RL-852 TSL2.4
Grup de produseIncarcator pe pneuri
Numar de producere852.112.339
Numar de stoc intern576-003-0152
Număr de catalogCU4256867
An de fabricație2013
Ore de utilizare50 h
Locatia masiniiUst-kamenogorsk
Stabilirea pretului
Preţ excl. TVALa Cerere
Preţ incl. TVA-
Alte informaţiiChassis:
- articulated chassis, stable chassis frame made of high-quality steel sheet and profile steel, welded,
- Engine hood made of sheet metal

Diesel Engine:
- DEUTZ- BF 4 M 2012, water cooled, equipped with catalytic converter, shock absorber, exhaust gas meter upstream and downstream of the catalytic converter,
- power 75 kW, n = 2,300 rpm,
- Donaldson air filter with cyclone,
- coarse / fine fuel filter,
- Mining course Lassen.

Exhaust emissions:
- the maximum exhaust gas values ​​correspond to the safety regulations of ROSTECHNADSOR

- Operating speed: 0 - 6 km / h
- Road driving: 0 - 20 km / h

Tire: 9.0-R20 X Mine D2 foamed

- DANA front axle type 112 as fixed planetary axle with self-locking differential, blocking value 45% permissible axle load 5,400 kg,
- DANA rear axle Type 112/311 as a pendulously suspended planetary axle with distributor, self-locking differential blocking value 45% and integrated disc brakes, swinging angle +/- 10 °, permissible axle load 5,400 kg
- automatic swing-axle locking system when the loading system is pivoted

Both axles are decelerated evenly over the transfer case and the articulated shaft, this applies to:
- Service brake: by hydrostatic drive with automatic volume changeover of the hydraulic motor
- Parking brake: multi-disc brakes running in the oil housing, running in the oil bath, spring-actuated
- Auxiliary brake: In the axle housing of the rear axle running multi-disc brakes running in the oil bath, hydraulically actuated via the brake pedal

- Hydraulic articulated steering.
- Steering angle 40 °.
- Pendulum angle of the rear axle 10 °.
- Emergency wheel of the wheel loader is possible when the engine is not running.

Hydraulic system:
- pump capacity 75 ltr./min,
- Operating pressure 200 bar
- Separate hydraulic circuits and tanks for traction drive and work hydraulics, filter fineness 3 m, fuel tank tank with level monitoring
- Bergbauschläuche, Steinschlagschutz for all hoses at the front of the telescope

- Fuel 80 ltr. Diesel, fuel tank in the ascending area on the right
- Hydraulic oil 2 x 65 ltr. ATF, separate tanks for work hydraulics and hydrostatic drive,
- Hand pump for filling the hydraulic tank of the working hydraulics.

- Operating voltage: 24 V.
- Generator: 28 V / 55 A.
- Battery: 2x12 V / 74 Ah.
- Headlights per 2pcs. front back
- 2 xenon headlights at the top of the cabin,
- 1 xenon headlights front on telescopic boom, headlight protected.
- 2 working lights at the back of the cab (standard),
- Headlights protected.

- Triple telescopic boom
- Swivel range of telescopic boom: 40 °
- buckling area of ​​hydraulic hammer 100 °
- Working height of Hydrailikhammer: 7 m.

- closed cab with ROPS / FOPS protective roof, entrance door on the left,
- Air conditioning with ventilation and defroster nozzles,
- Windscreen with windshield wiper and windshield wiper.
- driver's seat is suspended and adjustable,
- operating hours counter, fuel gauge and all other necessary operating / control and indicating instruments.
- Toolbox built on the ascending IFR on the right.
- The front screen is protected by steel grilles.
- Flashing light yellow

- Total weight: 7,500 kg
- Perm. Axle load: front 5.400 kg.
- rear 4,000 kg.

Hydraulic hammer, type NPK GH2:
- Weight with chisel 260 kg,
- Beat 560 - 1200 min-1.
- Hammer operating pressure 127 bar.
- Hammer mounted directly on telescopic tube and mounted elastically
- Operation of the hammer via joystick
- 5 pcs. Chisel, L = 780 mm, chisel diameter 66 mm,
- automatic lubrication system for the chisel.
- Air flushing of the chisel bushing consisting of electrically driven compressor (24V) with antifreeze pump.
- Water spraying system consisting of a 70 ltr. Water tank, water pump and spray nozzle on the hydraulic hammer.

- The dozer blade is attached to the front frame in front of the front axle and serves to support the vehicle during the hammering operation, as well as leveling or mating the tapping rock.
- Can be lowered and lifted by hydraulic cylinders and parallel linkages in the working position,
- Working width 1912 mm

- DIN screw connection
- Signal when reversing
- Spare wheel
- Tool kit with carriage 8 to.
- First aid kit,
- Service package for inspections up to 2,000 operating hours
- Warndreieck 2 pcs,
- Hemp shoe 2 pcs,
- Signal when reversing
- Handfeuerlösсher
- fire extinguishing system. Operation from the driver's seat
- The vehicle is delivered with the following technical documentation in printed form and on CD in PDF format in Russian language:
o Operating and maintenance manual - 2 sets (additional 1 set in the cab)
o Replacement part list - 2 set and in LinkOne
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