3 Reasons to Consider Used Equipment

3 Reasons to Consider Used Equipment
3 Reasons to Consider Used Equipment
Author: Small Business Expert | June 19, 2020 | Topic: Used Equipment

Why Used Equipment May Be the Best Option

In the market for a new machine? For a lot of operations just starting out, and even for many with years of experience under their belts, “new” isn’t always the right answer. Consider these three situations in which choosing used equipment may be your best option:

1. Your hour utilization won’t justify the cost or features of new equipment.

In production settings, you typically want back-up equipment on hand in case your primary machines go in for service or can’t keep up with the workload. In that case, choosing used makes sense — you get similar production out of your used back-up machine when it’s working, but you’re not paying for new machine features and technologies when it’s idle.  

2. You need a machine for a short-term or specific job.

Rental is good option for short-term needs, especially if you like to keep equipment off the balance sheet for tax purposes. But if that’s not a priority for you, used can be a much more affordable way to get what you need for a specific task. It’s also a smart choice for demo work or other applications where you want to avoid damage to new machines.

3. The cost of used equipment makes more sense for you financially.

Used is popular with new business owners because of its lower price point. You can build or expand your fleet even when cash is tight or you need to allocate funds to other areas of your operation. Plus, financing is available to spread out the cost over time. Cat Financial offers solutions specifically for used equipment and can tailor options around your business needs.

Why Choose Cat Used?

If you’ve decided that used makes the most sense for your next machine, you’ll find plenty of options on the market. So why choose Cat® Used? Here are three reasons it’s your best choice:

1. Confidence

Most used inventory at your local Cat dealer comes from the rental fleet, trade-ins or lease returns. Every dealer handles the process differently, but in most cases, Cat Used machines are inspected, appraised, cleaned and filled with fluids before they go up for sale. You can ask to see the inspection or appraisal so you know exactly what you’re getting, and many dealers offer warranties. You also have the option of Cat Certified Used equipment, which undergoes an extremely thorough inspection process and comes backed with a Caterpillar warranty.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about finding parts or G.E.T. for your Cat Used equipment. No one offers better or faster availability than your local Cat dealer. Most parts, even for machines that are decades old, can be in your hands in 24 hours — keeping your downtime to a minimum.

Cat® Certified Used Equipment: We Test It. You Can Trust It.


2. Longevity

Attend an auction or browse a used website, and it quickly becomes clear there are more Cat machines on the used market than other brands. Why? Because Cat equipment is built to last. In fact, it’s built to last for multiple lives. Modular components that can be replaced or rebuilt let you return a Cat Used machine to like-new condition at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

In addition, your Cat dealer’s extensive capabilities — including dedicated rebuild technicians, engine dynamometers, cylinder repairs, full fabrication shops and much more — help ensure you get the most life and performance from your used machine. Ask your local dealer for a tour. It’s the best way to gain a real understanding of the service difference.

3. Value

When it’s time to sell or trade in your used machine, you get more with Cat Used. It holds its value longer than other brands, due in large part to the longevity and re-buildability described above. Used machines sold and serviced through your Cat dealer can see even stronger resale value, thanks to meticulous maintenance, genuine Cat parts and documented service records.