TAMGO has long been providing customers with a selected range of the world’s most advanced equipment, backed by outstanding product support, services and solutions that directly advance the growth of Saudi Arabia. Specializing in power solutions, as well as industrial and construction equipment, customers count on the reliability of our leading industrial and commercial brands, which include FG Wilson, SEM, Mosa, Mustang, Peerless, Ingersoll Rand and Doosan. TAMGO products and services have become essential to the private sector and in various industries including construction, manufacturing, shipping, oil and gas, and transportation. We operate in the major cities and small towns of the Kingdom, which are well equipped with spare parts warehouses and high-end service and maintenance workshops supported by professional, dedicated and highly trained specialists.

Adres: P.O.8928, Jeddah 21492, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
67542 Sabt Al Alayah
Arabia Saudyjska
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Sabt Al Alayah, Jeddah, Arabia Saudyjska