Know Your Sources

Know Your Sources
Know Your Sources

You take your chances when you buy used equipment from any old source. Was it operated properly? Was routine maintenance performed? Was it serviced with quality filters and fluids? Were necessary repairs completed correctly? When you choose Cat® Certified Used, you’ll know the answers to these questions because you’ll know exactly where your equipment comes from.

Rental Fleets

Many Cat Certified Used machines are sourced directly from your local dealer’s rental fleet, which means your dealer has access to all service and repair history. When you purchase a rental roll-out machine, you’ll know it was inspected after every rental and repaired if needed. You can also be sure it was serviced at the regular intervals outlined in the Operation & Maintenance Manual.


Another primary source for Cat Certified Used machines is customer trade-ins. Because every customer operates and maintains equipment differently, your dealer takes extra care to ensure trade-ins meet strict quality standards. If you buy a Cat Certified Used machine that originated as a trade-in, you can rest assured it’s been fully inspected inside and out — including checking to ensure all components are genuine Cat parts — and repaired if needed.

Lease Returns

Like used equipment that comes from your dealer’s rental fleet, lease returns are inspected at the end of the lease period. Once they pass inspection standards and any required repairs are completed, lease returns can be sold as Cat Certified Used machines.