4 Ways to Improve Your Heavy Equipment’s Resale Value

4 Ways to Improve Your Heavy Equipment’s Resale Value
4 Ways to Improve Your Heavy Equipment’s Resale Value
Author: Small Business Expert | October 6, 2020 | Topic: Used Equipment

4 Ways to Improve Your Heavy Equipment’s Resale Value

A piece of heavy equipment is a major investment. It's only natural to want to do everything you can to make sure you get the best return on that investment when your work is done and it's time to sell.

Whether you use your equipment for farming or construction, a few simple tricks will go a long way toward making sure it's in good condition. If you're not sure how to maintain the resale value of your heavy equipment, start with these four tips.


1. Clean Your Equipment

You wouldn't want to buy a used car that looks dirty, and buyers feel the same way about used heavy equipment. You should take care to keep your equipment clean throughout your ownership of it, but it's especially important to give it a thorough cleaning before you list it for sale. Take time to clean the outside of the equipment as well as the cab's interior.


2. Try a Few Touch-Ups

As you're cleaning your equipment, you might notice a few areas that could use some extra attention. If the exterior has a few scratches, touch-up paint will make a big difference. That said, avoid using more paint than you need. If you do, the buyer could think you're trying to cover up something more serious, and you could end up lowering the equipment's resale value.

Check the cab's interior as well. If you notice any switches that aren't working, you might want to replace them. You should also check the seats and consider doing a few touch-ups there if the material is dirty or torn.


3. Perform Routine Maintenance

One of the best tips to increase the resale value of heavy equipment is to make maintenance a priority. Routine maintenance will keep your equipment in peak operating condition for years to come. Regular repairs, replacements and fill-ups can make all the difference when it comes to extending the life of your machinery. You can also prevent the need for major repairs — which can be a red flag for buyers — by nipping those problems in the bud with routine maintenance.


4. Provide the Equipment's Service Record History

The service record history of your equipment is essential when it's time to sell. Buyers will want to see that the condition of the machinery is consistent with its age and hours. You'll also have an easier time selling a piece of equipment with a lot of hours if you can prove that it's in good shape. If you've recently serviced a few components or replaced critical parts, the buyer will want to know that. A piece of heavy equipment that doesn't need much work will have a far higher resale value than a fixer-upper.

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