How to Easily Buy Parts Online for Your Cat® Used Equipment

How to Easily Buy Parts Online for Your Cat® Used Equipment
How to Easily Buy Parts Online for Your Cat® Used Equipment
Author: Small Business Expert | August 10, 2023 | Topic: Used Equipment

How to Easily Buy Parts Online for Your Cat® Used Equipment

Investing in genuine Cat® parts allows your used machine to run smoothly, offers optimal performance and helps achieve a longer service life. Caterpillar rigorously tests its products to provide strength, safety, quality and reliability, even for the most demanding applications.

Whether you need parts for your Cat excavator, compact track loader, power generator or other equipment, our large Cat dealer network is ready to help you find what you need. In addition to our helpful dealers, you'll find a variety of ways to shop around for and order genuine Cat parts, which we'll explore below!

The Importance of Buying Genuine Cat Parts

Here are four reasons to invest in genuine Cat parts for your used equipment:

  1. Durability: Cat parts undergo extensive testing in various conditions, ensuring optimal durability for numerous job sites and tasks. Cat machines are built to last, so they should have quality parts that withstand the toughest conditions.
  2. Part matching: Authentic Cat parts match their machines and other components precisely. Purchasing genuine Cat parts helps you ensure an accurate fit for your equipment. When purchasing off-brand parts, there are no guarantees regarding how long they will last or fit with your machine. An aftermarket part may look the same as a genuine Cat part and appear a good fit, but it may not be designed with the specs Caterpillar had in mind when developing the machine. Ensure a reliable, accurate match by choosing genuine Cat parts.
  3. Same-as-new warranty: Both new parts and Cat Reman parts are backed by a 12-month warranty to deliver on performance and give you peace of mind.
  4. Convenient online buying options: Buying Cat parts lets you customize and simplify your purchasing process. There are various ways to browse and shop for genuine Cat parts online, including an easy-to-navigate website, mobile app and integrated procurement system. Shop how you want, when you want!

3 Ways to Easily Buy Cat Parts Online

With multiple ways to browse and purchase parts for your used Cat equipment, getting the solutions you need is simpler than ever! If you need a convenient way to order Cat parts from your desktop, mobile device or your business's procurement system, here are three options for you.


1. Parts.Cat.Com

Part of proper Cat equipment maintenance is replacing and upgrading parts when needed, such as air conditioning kits, belts, batteries, cylinder seals, filters and more. Whether you need small or large parts for your equipment, Parts.Cat.Com is your source for genuine, high-quality Cat products.

This online Cat parts store offers an efficient, cost-effective way to keep your Cat equipment in top-notch shape. Its extensive inventory is designed with every customer in mind, so you can find nearly every tool you need. Our dealers can deliver the products, knowledgeable service and information you need when you need it.

Caterpillar knows all job sites and requirements aren't the same. Your projects require different parts, services and support to ensure functional, productive machinery. With Parts.Cat.Com, you can give your equipment the support it deserves while finding new or used solutions customized to your needs.

If you need to find out which part will fit your equipment, you can add your equipment model to check for products on Parts.Cat.Com. Creating a free account allows you to store your equipment for future use and view your order history anytime.



Purchasing and learning about Cat Parts is easier than ever with Parts.Cat.Com. Shop anytime for new or remanufactured Cat parts, or contact your local dealer for assistance!


2. The Cat Central App

The Cat Central App is a user-friendly mobile app version of Parts.Cat.Com. It's the newest tool for on-the-go Cat parts and support. This streamlined mobile platform lets you:

  • Browse millions of genuine Cat parts, tools and accessories and order them directly from your smartphone.
  • Scan your equipment's QR code to access and shop for parts instantly.
  • Find answers to maintenance and repair questions.
  • Get parts when you need them by scheduling dealer pickup or delivery services.
  • Pay with the Cat Credit Card to earn rewards on qualifying purchases.

Enjoy an easy way to purchase Cat parts right in the palm of your hand. All genuine Cat parts are always available and at your fingertips. Download the Cat Central App on your mobile device, available on Google Play and the App Store, to start browsing and ordering Cat parts for your equipment!


3. Cat Integrated Procurement (Cat IP)

Cat IP may be just what you're looking for if you need:

  • Accurate and real-time part information.
  • Higher spending control and visibility.
  • Automated purchasing processes.
  • Easy integration with your business system.

Cat IP allows you to buy Cat parts with greater efficiency. It connects your business or procurement system to the Cat dealer system to streamline requisitioning, ordering and invoicing. Connecting your business and dealer systems can help you reduce procurement costs, save time and simplify the part-buying process immensely.

You can seamlessly customize this solution to your unique business and purchasing needs. Cat IP is ideal when you frequently experience high order volumes, repeat orders, returns, excessive time placing orders and duplicate order entries.

Cat IP serves over 900 customer connections with more than 5 million transactions every year. You could be next. Download the Cat IP brochure to learn more about integrating this solution. Find the right parts for the job, on the job!

How Cat Dealers Help You Get the Most Out of Your Cat Used Purchase

When you work with a local Cat dealer, you'll be supported by one of the industry's most extensive, knowledgeable dealer networks. Comprised of 160 independent dealers, the Cat Dealer Network serves 197 countries with thousands of branches around the globe.

Cat dealer representatives want to help their customers succeed, whether helping them find the right parts, providing emergency services, offering expert advice or assisting with basic maintenance or repairs. Cat dealers employ seasoned technicians and industry-specific experts, providing you with the most reliable guidance and resources possible.

Your Cat dealer will listen to your unique requirements to help you find the ideal solutions for your budget, business and equipment needs. Enjoy customized support and 24/7 access to experienced representatives with the Cat Dealer Network.

Find a Local Cat Dealer or Order Cat Parts Online Today

In addition to helping you find high-quality, Cat Certified Used equipment, our dealers can help you find parts to keep your machines running reliably. With a range of purchasing options to choose from, you can easily get the Cat parts you need when you need them. Our Cat dealer reps are ready to help you find solutions that meet your needs.

We invite you to find a Cat dealer near you to learn more about parts and equipment for sale. If you already have an idea of what you want, browse and order genuine Cat parts online today!

Find a Local Cat Dealer or Order Cat Parts Online Today

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Find a Local Cat Dealer or Order Cat Parts Online Today
Find a Local Cat Dealer or Order Cat Parts Online Today