How Fleet Management Technology Helps You Save Money

How Fleet Management Technology Helps You Save Money
How Fleet Management Technology Helps You Save Money
Author: Small Business Expert | June 23, 2021 | Topic: Used Equipment

How Fleet Management Technology Helps You Save Money

If you have a fleet of construction equipment, maximizing machine efficiency is crucial to your business. With fleet management technology, you'll gain valuable insights into how your machines are operating to help you identify potential cost savings opportunities. Read on to learn how fleet management technology can save you money.

What Is Construction Fleet Management?

Construction fleet management is one of the best ways to reduce equipment operating costs. The technology remotely monitors your machines to improve performance and reduce expenses. With fleet management technology, you can track equipment movement and location, collect performance data, optimize travel routes and monitor vital machine functions.

4 Ways to Save Money With Fleet Management

With precise information about your fleet's operation, you can make the best decisions to keep your fleet running in top condition while reducing expenses. Here are the top four ways fleet management can save your company money:


1. Streamlined Maintenance

Fleet management technology helps you monitor your equipment's health by automating preventive maintenance checks. You can see what's happening inside your machines to address common issues like clogged filters and low fluid levels before they start affecting engine performance. Fleet management also helps you track service scheduling to ensure maintenance is performed regularly.


2. Improved Operator Behaviors

How your operators handle your equipment is crucial to your cost savings. Fleet management technology can help operators identify and avoid:

  • Aggressive handling: Behaviors like driving too fast, braking too hard and over-revving waste fuel and put stress on the machine. With fleet management technology, operators become more aware of these tendencies, making it easier to correct them and follow best practices.
  • Idling: Leaving the engine running idle wastes fuel and battery power. Turning the machine off as soon as possible is a simple but effective way to save money.
  • Low tire pressure: Ensuring tire pressure is at the proper levels increases fuel efficiency and safety.

Correcting these issues also increases job site safety.


3. Better Route Planning

Fleet management technology helps ensure operators follow the most efficient routes around a job site. The technology analyzes the operator's current route, determines traffic conditions and calculates how much time it will take to get to the destination. This information allows employees to choose the fastest course, saving time on the project and reducing fuel waste.


4. Increased Fuel Savings

Besides saving money on fuel with more efficient routes and equipment operation techniques, fleet management technology also provides fuel reports showing detailed fuel usage. These records help you determine where and how you're losing money on fuel, allowing you to make cost-saving adjustments.

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