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Hasta las máquinas mejor construidas acaban necesitando reparaciones, que siempre parecen ocurrir en el peor momento: justo en medio de un gran trabajo, cuando el dinero es escaso o justo después de que expire la garantía. Aprenda más sobre las muchas ventajas de contar con un Plan de Protección de Equipamiento (PPE) para su maquinaria y equipos pesados.

Cat Certified Used: What is the Value of Buying Cat® Certified Used Equipment?

These well-maintained, late-model machines are selected, inspected and serviced to a higher standard to give you peace of mind.


  • Equipment must be selected by dealers and technicians -- only machines that were well maintained and have few service hours are accepted
  • Many machines come right from dealer rental fleets, so you’ll know exactly how your machine was maintained, and a documented service history is available
  • Machines only get chosen for Certified Used eligibility after a service assessment.


  • Every machine must pass up to 140-point inspection.
  • If the inspection reveals any issues, highly trained technicians service it using only genuine Cat parts.
  • Dealer service technicians also complete all the most recent maintenance, so you don’t need to worry about changing oil or filters until the next interval.


  • Cat Certified Used machines come with at least 6 to 12 months of coverage to help manage risk. Coverage details and terms vary by product, application, and geographic region. Contact your Cat dealer for more information.

Want a used machine that delivers like-new performance and reliability? Here’s how to get both. Choose Cat Certified Used.