Caterpillar TL1055

Caterpillar TL1055

88,500 USD
Working hours
2809 h
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Basic information
BrandCaterpillar TL1055
Serial NumberTBM00246
Unit NumberEQN099296
Catalog NumberCU4441662
Manufacturing Year2008
Hours2809 h
CountryUnited States
LocationNorth Platte, NE
Price Excluding Tax$ 88,500
Price Including Tax-
Additional InformationTELEHANDLERS
Additional InformationTELEHANDLERS
  • general appearance
  • safety items
  • gauges, operator station, console
  • engine
  • cooling system
  • electrical, starting and charging system
  • transmission
  • steering
  • brake
  • hydraulics
  • boom
  • final drives
  • comments, misc. repairs, general remarks
  • tires
general appearance
  • FairThe heat duct louver on the left side of the dash is broke out. The floor mat is torn
  • FairThe rear fender and brackets have some bending present
  • FairA few scuffs and scratches are present on the machine
  • Good
safety items
  • Good
  • GoodEnclosed
gauges, operator station, console
  • PoorNo air conditioner
  • FairThe release bracket and handle are broke and missing for the upper portion of the cab door. The plastic interior panel on the cab door is damaged
  • Good
  • Good
  • FairThere is a single hose present in the seat cushion. The right arm rest is severely worn
  • YesThere are oil leaks present from the #2, #3 and #4 fuel line grommets where they pass through the valve cover base
  • Engine serial number - 44400314
  • No
cooling system
  • The radiator appears to be leaking in the inner lower corner / Coolent level is low - the system is filled with Red, ELC
  • PoorThe radiator appears to be leaking in the in inner lower corner
electrical, starting and charging system
  • FairThe batteries were dead upon arrival of the machine, but after the machine was jump started and inspected the machine would restart
  • GoodThe beacon lamp is inoperable
  • Transmission - Good condition / Linkage - Good condition
  • Good
  • Good3 speeds reverse
  • GoodPowershift - 4WD
  • No steering wheel play
  • Good
  • Brakes - Good condition / Emergency brake works / No pull through the brakes
  • Cylinder rods - Fair condition / The lift outrigger cylinder rod seals are leaking
  • Good
  • Good
  • Lift capacity is - 10000 / Machine has outriggers
  • FairThe extendable boom wear guides are worn and the boom is loose
final drives
  • Final drives - Fair condition - The sun gear shaft seals appear to be leaking on both the left side final drives
comments, misc. repairs, general remarks
  • The machine is equipped with JLG tilting pallet fork carriage, the carriage is 72" wide and the forks are 60" long. S/N - 2007307
  • The load back rest is bent. There is a fair amount of wear present in the upper coupler mounts and lower coupler pin bores
  • 82%
  • 14.00-24 - Non pneumatic - The tires are all foam filled
Make / Serial# Tread Depth in 1/32" % Life Remaining Recapped Tread Cuts/Chunks Side Cuts Section
Left FrontFirestone Super Ground Grip82
Left RearFirestone Super Ground Grip82
Right FrontFirestone Super Ground Grip82
Right RearFirestone Super Ground Grip82
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