When to Use a Single Drum vs. Double Drum Roller

When to Use a Single Drum vs. Double Drum Roller
When to Use a Single Drum vs. Double Drum Roller
Author: Small Business Expert | April 1, 2021 | Topic: Used Equipment

When to Use a Single Drum vs. Double Drum Roller

Construction crews looking for an efficient machine that clears paths and preps ground for new projects could find a road roller a useful addition to their fleet. Road rollers come in two varieties — single and double drum — each with unique features that make it useful in different situations. Understanding the differences can help crew leaders decide on the best machinery for their fleets.

What Is a Road Roller?

Road rollers are large, moving compactors that prep job sites by rolling over and smoothing uneven surfaces like soil and asphalt. Both single and double drum rollers feature large, heavy metal barrels that crush materials through weight, spin speed and mechanical assistance. Crews can benefit from both single and double rollers in unique ways.

Benefits of Using a Single Drum Roller

Single drum rollers, featuring one large barrel in the front and specialized tires in the back, are ideal for creating building foundations, constructing sidewalks and other urban applications. They also perform well in paving highways and smoothing soil. Choose a single drum roller to benefit from:

  • Mobility: Single drum rollers are smaller in size than other varieties, resulting in lighter weight and faster ground speeds. Their back wheels allow for intricate movement in tight spaces and provide additional traction on uneven surfaces and loose soil.
  • Versatility: Single drum rollers effectively combine mobility with power, enabling them to perform well in various settings. These machines handle numerous terrains, meaning crews can use their single drum roller for nearly any job.

Benefits of Using a Double Drum Roller

As the name suggests, double drum rollers feature two barrels — one in the front and another in the rear. With two drums, these machines smooth surfaces in front of and behind them as they drive. While double drum rollers' lack of tires results in lost mobility on uneven surfaces or enclosed spaces, their additional barrel increases crushing power and efficiency. Add a double drum roller to your fleet to benefit from:

  • Power: Armed with twin barrels, double drum rollers have the most flattening ability of any roller variety. When a job calls for more power to compact surfaces like asphalt, double drum rollers will supply extra strength to optimize your crew's performance.
  • Efficiency: Double drum rollers are both powerful and fast. Because they feature both a front and rear barrel, double drum rollers flatten surfaces twice with every pass. The additional barrel improves efficiency, allowing crews to complete projects in less time and companies to minimize labor costs.

Why Buy a Used Road Roller?

Road rollers, especially used Cat® drum rollers, offer great longevity and maintain their high-performance capabilities over time. Buying used can expand your options without expanding your budget. Crews should consider purchasing a used single or double drum roller to:

  • Secure a reliable backup.
  • Complete a temporary job.
  • Find a lower rate on effective equipment.
  • Acquire a machine with maximum resale value.

Find Road Rollers Through Cat Used

Crew leaders shopping for a single or double drum roller can search local and regional listings of used machinery on Cat Used, including some options meeting stringent Cat Certified Used requirements. Narrow your search by exact model, desired specifications, location and more — Cat Used will connect you with dealerships carrying the used machinery you need or send you an email alert when a qualifying machine becomes available.

For more on specific single or double roller models, locate and contact a dealer near you today!