When to Buy a Tracked vs. Wheeled Excavator

When to Buy a Tracked vs. Wheeled Excavator
When to Buy a Tracked vs. Wheeled Excavator
Author: Small Business Expert | April 1, 2021 | Topic: Used Equipment

When to Buy a Tracked vs. Wheeled Excavator

Crews use tracked and wheeled excavators to dig, perform demolition work and complete other jobs, but each performs best in a different setting. These machines look nearly identical, but certain differentiating features make it important to understand when to buy a tracked excavator versus a wheeled model.

Cat Used connects buyers with locally and nationally listed used Cat® excavators available at trusted dealerships. To find the right used excavator for your purposes, compare each machine's benefits with your intended use.

Benefits of Tracked Excavators

Tracked excavators disperse their entire weight across their long tracks, making them ideal for use on soft terrain like sand and mud, as well as uneven or sloped surfaces. Choose a tracked excavator to benefit from:

  • Excellent stability: These machines are extremely heavy and rest on large tracks, creating a low center of gravity that enables them to remain stable in challenging conditions.
  • Powerful digging: Their combination of strength and stability enables tracked excavators to provide incredible digging power.
  • Consistent performance: Tracks are highly durable and in certain applications retain their traction longer than wheels.
  • Minimal downtime: Thanks to the stability that comes with a tracked design, tracked excavators can get right to work without spending time clearing paths or waiting for better weather.

Benefits of Wheeled Excavators

Wheeled excavators are ideal for urban environments, offering smooth operation on concrete and other hard surfaces. Crews can use wheeled excavators to move concrete barriers, clean ditches, cut asphalt, grind trees and more. Other benefits include:

  • High mobility and speed: Wheeled excavators reach top speeds of around 22 mph thanks to their efficient wheels and lightweight design. These machines are also relatively easy to transport.
  • Convenient features: Wheeled excavators include outriggers for improved balance. Using outriggers in tandem with the dozer blade allows for even better stability.
  • Versatile application: These machines perform well on any hard surface without causing cracks or other damage. Wheeled excavators are also compatible with various interchangeable attachments to handle different jobs.
  • Minimal long-term expenses: Because wheels and tires are easy and inexpensive to replace, crews can count on wheeled excavators for dependable performance with low downtime.

Why Buy a Used Excavator?

Whether your job calls for a tracked or wheeled excavator, buying used can be an excellent decision. Shopping for used machinery allows you to consider more options at the same budget. Many used excavators, especially used Cat models and those meeting the high standards of the Cat Certified Used program, perform at high levels over a long life span while retaining their value. You can purchase a used track or wheeled excavator as a reliable backup or temporary solution and expect it to hold a high resale value.

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