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Caterpillar SH56B, $67,8142016
Syracuse, NY
1 h

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QUADCO 21C HOT SAW, $59,3312013
Milford, MA
1 h

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22B, $35,0002014
Londonderry, NH
1 hce plate

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Log Max 7000XT, $210,5562020
Brewer, ME
1 hce platefixed mount

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Caterpillar HF201 FELLING HEAD, $29,5182010
Brewer, ME
1 h Conditions

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Woodsman PRO750, $86,4432018
5,287 h Conditions

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Waratah 616, $14,6122005
Chicoutimi, QC
16,000 h

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Forestry Accessories

Used Forestry Equipment for Sale

Whether you’re clearing land or moving logs, you need the right forestry equipment for the job. With the help of Cat Used, you can see the forestry equipment that’s available at Cat® dealers throughout the U.S. and around the globe. Our dealers stock up on a variety of used forestry equipment from some of the industry’s leading brands.