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Whether you're doing roadwork or a large construction project, an excavator is an essential piece of equipment. These machines are primarily used to dig and move earth, but with attachments, they can also crush, load, demolish and perform a variety of other tasks. Crawler excavators are built with steel tracks for enhanced stability and weight distribution on rougher terrain. Search Cat Used for great deals on used crawler excavators for sale.

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Komatsu PC210LC-11, 118,0002019
Green Bay, WI
4,032 h Conditionsinstructions, englishrops - encloseddigger

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Komatsu PC650LC-8, 275,0002013
Aurora, CO
6,335 h Specifications Conditions

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Komatsu PC228US, 45,0002010
Broadview Hts., OH
9,310 h Conditionsam fm radiolightingultra low sulfur diesel fuelair conditionerepa label

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Komatsu PC-400LC-7, 44,9002006
Lincoln, CA
20,579 h Conditionsam fm radiolightingauxiliary hydraulicsultra low sulfur diesel fuelair conditioner

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Komatsu PC600, 115,0002007
Greybull, MT
9,100 h Conditionssupport, sliding for seat2007 komatsu pc600 excavator

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Komatsu PC360LC11, 138,9002018
Kc, MO
4,809 h Specifications Conditionsam fm radiolightingauxiliary hydraulicsair conditionercarbody, standard

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Komatsu PC220LC-5, 27,8001996
Macomb, MI
15,398 h Conditionslightingcarbody, standardengine enclosurespilot controlboom, 1 piece

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Komatsu PC138US LC-11, 260,0002017
Fayetteville, NC
797 h Conditionslightingultra low sulfur diesel fuelepa labelmast, anglemast, vertical

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Komatsu PC55MR-5, 40,0002018
Durango, CO
3,071 h Conditions

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Komatsu PC490LC-11, 325,0002020
Rocklin, CA
3,473 h Conditionsam fm radiolightingauxiliary hydraulicsultra low sulfur diesel fuelair conditioner

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Komatsu PC400LC-3, 27,0001988
Enroute, MI
14,092 h Conditionsengine enclosureslightingpilot controlhand and foot controlboom - 1 piece

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Komatsu PC360LC-11, 169,5002018
Lincoln, CA
5,077 h Conditionsam fm radiolightingauxiliary hydraulicsultra low sulfur diesel fuelair conditioner

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Komatsu PC138, 170,7142022
Richmond, VT
1,401 h Conditionsair conditionerepa labellightingultra low sulfur diesel fuelauxiliary hydraulics pressure - high pressure

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Komatsu AMERICA PC290LC-10, 75,0002014
Florence, TX
8,878 h Conditionsair conditionerepa labelengine enclosureslightingultra low sulfur diesel fuel

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Komatsu PC13810, 55,0002013
Green Bay, WI
7,500 h Conditionsam fm radioair conditionerpilot controlhand and foot controlbkt serial no unknown

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Komatsu PC138USLC-10, 100,0002015
Pine Knot, KY
4,485 h Conditionsauxiliary hydraulicsair conditionerthumb, hydraulic

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Komatsu PC300LC-7L, 66,5002004
Enroute, MI
4,551 h Conditionsam fm radiolightingair conditionercarbody, standardengine enclosures

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Komatsu PC138US-11, 92,5002016
Youngstown, OH
2,589 hcoupler

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Komatsu PC360LC, 129,0002013
Doniphan, NE
7,109 h Conditionsair conditionerauxiliary hydraulics pressurelightingpilot controlthumb type - hydraulic

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Komatsu PC400LC-7_KM, 72,8382006
Tonawanda, NY
8,141 h Conditionslightingultra low sulfur diesel fuelair conditionerhand and foot controlfire extinguisher

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