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Caterpillar 308-07CR, 149,5002022
South Hill, VA
270 h Cat Certified Used

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Caterpillar 305E2 CA, 110,8602020
Phoenix, AZ
283 h Cat Certified Usedthumb, hydraulicair conditionerproduct linkauxiliary hydraulicsstick, long

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Caterpillar 42007, 135,0002021
Indianapolis, IN
230 h Cat Certified Used Conditions Protection Customer Value Agreementeropsstick, extendedcontrols, joystickthumb, hydraulicrear auxiliary hydraulics

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Caterpillar D5K2LGP, 119,7502018
Mechanicsville, VA
5,806 h Cat Certified Used Conditionsblade, adiff steerblade, dual tiltsteer, joystickstable blade control

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Caterpillar 299D3 XE, 149,3162022
Mesa, AZ
217 h Cat Certified Used

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Caterpillar 249D3 CA, 80,0402022
Prescott, AZ
40 h Cat Certified Used

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Caterpillar 246D3, 52,5002021
Waldorf, MD
270 h Cat Certified Used Conditions2 speed travelbucketcoupler, hydraulichydraulics, standard flowself leveling

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Caterpillar 305E2, 64,0002018
Sterling, VA
1,783 h Cat Certified Used Conditionslightingultra low sulfur diesel fuelam fm radiohand and foot controlbluetooth

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Caterpillar 316FL, 149,5002018
Winchester, VA
5,154 h Specifications Cat Certified Used Conditionsthumb, hydraulicforestry arrangementstick, mediumstick check valvehand and foot control

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Caterpillar 279D3, 63,8502021
Greenville, SC
1,426 h Cat Certified Used Conditionseropsauxiliary hydraulicsbucketcoupler, hydraulicbluetooth

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Caterpillar 320-07, 167,8502018
West Columbia, SC
2,911 h Cat Certified Used Conditionslightingam fm radioengine enclosuresthumb, mechanicalundercarriage, long

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Caterpillar 226D CA, 39,6142019
Eloy, AZ
1,652 h Cat Certified Used

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Caterpillar 315FLCR, 169,0002019
Winchester, VA
2,742 h Cat Certified Used Conditionsstick, shortcarbody, standardcoupler, hydraulicpilot controlhand and foot control

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Caterpillar CB64B, 89,5002017
Abingdon, VA
1,151 h Cat Certified Used

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