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Road reclaimers are essential to companies that fix damaged roadways. Also known as soil stabilizers, these efficient machines pulverize the top layer of asphalt and then combine it with the underlying base and soil material to stabilize roads. If you're in the road rehabilitation business, owning a reliable soil stabilizer in your fleet is essential. Search Cat Used product listings to find the perfect used road reclaimer for sale.

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CAT RM400, 555,0002022
Rental Fleet Machine, Subject To Availability, AL
823 h Cat Certified Used Conditions Customer Value Agreementlightingerops

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CAT RM300, 230,0002014
Livingston, TX
4,111 h Conditionstier 2 compliantuniversal rotoremissions level - japan - step3product linkultra low sulfur diesel fuel

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CAT RM400, 750,0002023
9901 Ringhaver Drive, FL
398 hropsmirrors

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CAT AP1000F, 395,0002016
6200 N Us 301/441, FL
2,428 h

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CAT AP500F, 275,0002019
10421 Fern Hill Drive, FL
4,110 h Specifications

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CAT RM500B, 750,0002021
525 County Road 640 East, FL
1,090 hropsmirrors

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CAT AP555F, 525,0002021
10421 Fern Hill Drive, FL
2,339 h

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CAT RM300, 378,0002012
Longview, TX
3,497 herops

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CAT RM500B, 383,2502018
Tyler, TX
3,250 herops

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CAT RM500B, 405,8502015
Hilton Head, SC
2,798 h Conditions Protectioneropsbeaconlightingproduct link

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CAT RM500B2016
Tyler, TX
3,038 h

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CAT RM500B2017
Irving, TX
2,230 hproduct linkeropsbeacon

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CAT RM500B, 505,8502017
Rock Hill, SC
2,354 h Conditionseropslightingproduct link

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CAT RM400, 602,7602021
El Paso, TX
1,104 h Conditionsropsmirrors

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CAT PM825, 499,0002018
Oklahoma City, OK
2,093 h

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CAT RM400, 602,7602021
Las Cruces, NM
647 h Conditionsropsmirrors

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CAT RM500B, 572,2502022
Little Elm, TX
1,488 h Conditionsproduct linkrops - enclosedultra low sulfur diesel fuelbeaconradio - bluetooth

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CAT AP1000, 475,0002023
St. Augustine, FL
1,500 h

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CAT RM-300, 175,0002011
Refugio, TX
1,684 h Conditionslightingrops - enclosedmirrorsce plateradio

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CAT RM800, 1,800,0002023
Salt Lake City, UT
155 hropsmirrorsspray, emulsion

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CAT RM300, 176,7282009
Dubbo, NSW
6,290 h Conditionsam fm radiolightingeropsepa labelce plate

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