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Caterpillar D8T LGP, 568,2352019
Mesa, AZ
4,520 h Cat Certified Usedrops - foldingheater

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Caterpillar D4K2 LGPCB, 115,0002018
Charlotte, NC
3,020 h Cat Certified Used Special Offers

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Caterpillar D8T, 699,0002018
Eloy, AZ
3,023 h Cat Certified Used

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Caterpillar D8T TR, 685,2562019
Apache Junction, AZ
4,835 h Cat Certified Used

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Caterpillar D6K2LGP, 189,9502018
Mechanicsville, VA
3,213 h Cat Certified Used Conditionsepa labelauxiliary hydraulicsengine enclosureshyd controlblade, pat

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Caterpillar D7E ABWI, 273,0002014
Irving, TX
2,809 h Cat Certified Usederopsultra low sulfur diesel fuelwinchblade, afairlead

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Caterpillar D6 VP, 386,0702019
Grand Junction, CO
4,733 h Cat Certified Usedengine

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Caterpillar D6TLGP, 254,5002016
Salem, VA
3,916 h Cat Certified Used Conditionsam fm radioepa labelauxiliary hydraulicshyd controlscreens

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Caterpillar D3, 237,0002020
Omaha, NE
378 h Cat Certified Used Conditionsscreensaccugrade readyair suspension seatblade shakelgp

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Caterpillar D6-20XEVP, 329,9502020
Williamsburg, VA
5,971 h Cat Certified Used Conditionsblade, patsteer, joystickaccugrade readyair suspension seatbluetooth radio

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Caterpillar D3K2LGP, 110,5002019
Annapolis Junction, VA
3,018 h Specifications Cat Certified Used Conditionshyd controlblade, patdiff steersteer, joysticksteer, lever

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Caterpillar D5K2LGP, 109,5002018
Mechanicsville, VA
5,806 h Cat Certified Used Conditionsblade, adiff steerblade, dual tiltsteer, joystickstable blade control

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Caterpillar D6TXW VPAT, 219,5002014
Mechanicsville, VA
6,070 h Cat Certified Used Conditionsdiff steerblade, single angle tiltsteer, leverscreensstable blade control

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Caterpillar D8T, 685,7502017
Edgewood, MD
5,292 h Cat Certified Used Conditionshyd controlblade, semi udiff steerfairleadsteer, joystick

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Caterpillar D6T LGPVPW, 207,9002016
Waco, TX
6,773 h Cat Certified Usedproduct linkultra low sulfur diesel fuelwinchblade, patfairlead

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Caterpillar D6NLGP, 179,5002017
Waldorf, MD
7,371 h Cat Certified Used Conditionsdrawbarhyd controlblade, patdiff steersteer, joystick

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Caterpillar D5K2 XL, 154,4002019
Macon, GA
331 h Cat Certified Used Conditions Customer Value Agreementblade, patsteer, joystickair suspension seatblade shakexl

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Caterpillar D8T, 815,0002020
Rental Fleet Machine, Subject To Availability., AL
3,677 h Cat Certified Used Conditions Customer Value Agreementam fm radioengine enclosuresblade, semi usteer, joystickair suspension seat

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Caterpillar D6NLGP3D, 275,0002019
Newton, NC
4,011 h Cat Certified Used Conditionsdrawbar

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Caterpillar D6K2LGP, 189,8002020
Austell, GA
3,399 h Cat Certified Used Conditions Customer Value Agreementhand and foot controldrawbarhyd controlblade, patsteer, joystick

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