Blaw-Knox RW100

Blaw-Knox RW100

25,000 USD
Working hours
168 h
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Basic information
BrandBlaw-Knox RW100
CategoryAsphalt pavers
Serial Number0956-017
Unit Number0956-017
Catalog NumberCU4653514
Manufacturing Year1982
Hours168 h
CountryUnited States
LocationEnroute, MI
Price Excluding Tax$ 25,000
Price Including Tax-
  • general appearance
  • safety items
  • gauges, operator station, console
  • engine
  • cooling system
  • electrical, starting and charging system
  • transmission
  • steering
  • truck body & cylinders
  • tires
general appearance
  • Good
  • Good
  • PoorFaded, scratches rusted, light surface rust in spots, decals weathered
  • Good
  • GoodFabricated front safety grab iron assembly, top angle iron weld cracked on left, RR step bent out slight
safety items
  • Parking brake not holding, service brakes decent
  • Good
  • Good11/2009
gauges, operator station, console
  • Seat good, replaced hour meter reads 168, functioning, total hours unknown
  • Good
  • Good
  • Engine runs good, slight normal blowby, red coolant and engine oil levels good
  • GoodFabricated exhaust stack
  • Good
cooling system
  • Radiator good
  • FairFan belts loose, worn slight
  • Good
  • Good
  • Good
electrical, starting and charging system
  • Tail lights inoperable, broken, no work lights
  • Good
  • Good
  • Good
  • FairSplices around machine
  • GoodF&R functioning, neutral safety lock seized, couldn’t get to shift from 1st, to 2nd or 3rd, linkage feels seized
  • GoodCouldn’t inspect from operators seat, looks ok, steer cylinder rod seal showing signs of weeping
truck body & cylinders
  • Conveyor belt good, front hopper flap and conveyor side belts worn, torn, conveyor functioning and slides in/out. Side strike off slides in/out, cylinder rod seal seeping, up/down doesn’t seem to be functioning, no cutting edges on strike off
  • GoodWeathered slight
  • Tread depths in 1/32” readings of, 7,17,13,12.
  • Note: ~$12,000 work order completed March of 2019: Repaired service brakes and parking brake- replaced master cylinder changed parking brake levers and cables, parking brake calliper , Repair transmission/replaced 4 gears, bearings and seals
  • 15-22.5
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