5 Critical Areas to Consider When Buying Used Equipment

Critical Areas to Consider

1) The Cab:

Operator comfort and visibility are important, so look for adjustable seat height, back and lumbar support, armrests and well-laid out controls. It’s worth it to operate the machine, asking yourself if your operators will be comfortable in it throughout a long workday.


The Cab

2) The Chassis:

Examine the chassis closely for evidence of leaks and look for parts that have been welded or other indicators of prior repair. Get underneath the machine to view the undercarriage, and consider that cosmetic damages such as cracked windows may indicate important areas have also been overlooked.


The Chassis

3) Engine / Transmission:

Because of their importance on any machine, engines and transmissions should be examined carefully. It may be worth having another experienced operator take a look as well. Start the engine and put the transmission into gear, looking for error messages, abnormal noises and smoke.


Engine / Transmission

4) Hydraulics / Work Tools:

As it’s time-consuming and costly to rebuild or replace hydraulic cylinders, it’s important to know of any problems prior to purchase, such as leaks or worn seals in the pump compartment. Check for monitor issues and examine work tools to determine wear levels, and ensure that hydraulic lines are in place if additional work tools will be needed.


Hydraulics / Work Tools

5) Tracks / Tires:

It’s expensive to replace work tracks and tires, so be sure to look closely for uneven wear, bulges, cracks and missing bolts. Use a tread gauge to measure wear and consult a tire manufacturer website for replacement requirements and costs.


Tracks / Tires

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