How to Select the Best Compaction Equipment for the Job

How to Select the Best Compaction Equipment for the Job
How to Select the Best Compaction Equipment for the Job
Author: Small Business Expert | December 9, 2020 | Topic: Used Equipment

How to Select the Best Compaction Equipment for the Job

If you have a construction project coming up, you might need help choosing the right compaction equipment. Compactors prepare the foundation for the building process by removing pockets of air and making the soil denser and firmer. There are many different compactors available, and they all offer unique benefits. Selecting the model most suited for your application will help you take advantage of them.


How to Choose the Right Compaction Equipment

There are several considerations when selecting the best compaction equipment. Projects that benefit from this task range all across the board, and compactors do too. It is essential that you choose one that can handle your application or you'll risk losing time and dealing with substandard results. A little planning before you rent, lease or buy a machine will go a long way in choosing the right compactor every time.


Check Out the Soil

Compactible soils break down into two primary groups. Which compactor you use makes a big difference in speed and project quality. The soil types are:

  • Granular: Granular soils vary in size. They are loose, feature refined grains and include mediums like sand and gravel.
  • Cohesive: Cohesive soils are clumpy, hardened soils like clay. These dense soils require compactors with more power.


Look at the Job

Think about the size of the job and what you need to accomplish. If you have a small area that you need to work on, getting the biggest compactor available may create more challenges than it solves. Consider whether your project calls for something hand-operated or one of the many ride-along machines.


Selecting the Best Compaction Equipment Option

Regardless of the job you have coming up, there's a used Cat® compactor up for the challenge and priced to help you save on overhead costs. Power is important, but you'll wind up regretting it if you use too much — using too much force or making too many passes can reduce soil density, leading to rework and placing unnecessary wear on your equipment. Talk to your local dealer for help determining which is the right fit for you.

 Used compaction equipment available through the Cat dealer network includes:

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Reach Out to Your Local Dealer for Assistance

Check out all the used compaction equipment for sale through the Cat dealer network. To view the models available in your area or to get assistance choosing the right compaction equipment, find the dealer nearest you. You can also sign up for email notifications on our site to be alerted immediately when something new is listed. Talk to your dealer to learn more.