Changing Wheel and Tire Sizes on a Loader

Changing Wheel and Tire Sizes on a Loader
Changing Wheel and Tire Sizes on a Loader
Author: Small Business Expert | August 19, 2020 | Topic: Used Equipment

Changing Wheel and Tire Sizes on a Loader

Tires are the main source of support for all your wheel loader’s functions. Without the proper tires to keep your machine up and running, you could be subject to extra maintenance expenses and downtime later.

When it comes time to change the tires on your wheel loader, it’s important to know the type of tire it needs, as well as the size that will work best for your equipment. This plays a big part in your overall equipment maintenance routine.

What Size Tire Does My Wheel Loader Need?

With an endless number of options in the heavy equipment industry, finding the right tire for your loader can seem like a big task. It involves heavy consideration of the terrain you’ll be working on, as well as the application and the budget you’re working with. You can often decide what size tire is best for your wheel loader based on the size of the equipment and its bottom wheel rims.

In most cases, having the right type of tire matters more than a specific size. When you change the tires on your wheel loader, they don’t necessarily have to be the exact same size as your previous wheels as long as they fit the proper dimensions.

Some important factors to keep in mind when you order new tires include:

  • Tire diameter and width measurements: Sizes that most commonly fit average wheel loaders include 29.5×25, 26.5×25, 23.5×25, 20.5×25, 17.5×25 and 15.5×25. While it’s best to find the optimal size for your equipment, there are situations in which certain sizes, such as the 23.5x25 and 20.5x25, can be interchangeable.
  • Rim diameter: Sometimes, different tire sizes can fit the same rim measurements, which is why it’s crucial to consider the rims as you shop for new tires. By making sure you have the right tire type and rim diameter, you’ll be much more likely to end up with a piece of equipment that runs smoothly.
  • Your dealer recommendations: If you’re ever in doubt about which tire is right for you, consider checking in at your local dealer for professional recommendations. The dealer who sold you the wheel loader will probably know what you need — and even offer affordable options.

How to Change a Tire on a Loader

Once you’ve decided on the right solution, it’s time to change the tires on your wheel loader. Because a wide variety of tools are necessary for the job and most wheel loader tires are large, many operators change their tires with the help of maintenance professionals.

In many cases, a boom truck will do the trick when you need to have wheel loader tires removed efficiently and safely.  Be sure to refer to your owner's manual for proper instructions when changing the tire on your wheel loader.

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