Cat® CVAs: What Are They & Why Should I Get One?

Cat® CVAs: What Are They & Why Should I Get One?
Cat® CVAs: What Are They & Why Should I Get One?
Author: Small Business Expert | November 22, 2021 | Topic: Used Equipment

Cat® CVAs: What Are They and Why Should I Get One?

When you want to get the most out of your equipment over the long term, Cat® Customer Value Agreements (CVAs) are an excellent choice. With these agreements, you can gain several advantages and services to extend the life of your machines and provide value to your business. Whether you're in the market for used machinery or are looking to gain additional coverage for equipment you already own, you can find a CVA that is perfect for your needs.

What Is a CVA?

A CVA is an ownership plan designed to help you get the most value out of your Cat equipment. With multiple CVAs available, you can pick one best fitting your company's needs, using it to maximize your investment and lengthen your equipment's life span.

CVAs for new and Cat Certified Used machines feature an Equipment Protection Plan (EPP), meaning you'll be protected from the costs of a surprise repair. CVAs also guarantee you'll always receive Genuine Cat Parts right on time and at the most convenient location for you. With Cat CVAs in your corner, you'll receive digital tools you can use to access crucial operating parameters and manage your equipment's overall health.

How Is a CVA Different Than Other Equipment Maintenance Agreements?

A CVA sets itself apart from other equipment maintenance agreements with its flexibility and Caterpillar and Cat dealer backing. Unlike one-size-fits-all maintenance agreements, you can customize CVAs to ensure you receive the performance you require. Since all our CVAs help you access the Caterpillar or worldwide Cat dealer network, you'll always have access to genuine Cat parts, in-depth dealer support and Cat software tools to get the most out of your equipment.

How Does a CVA Add Value to My Business?

Some of the top ways CVAs help your business include:

  • Enhanced planning: When you have a CVA, you can plan for the future with greater confidence. Since these agreements make your equipment more reliable, you won't have as many unexpected repairs and you can schedule maintenance at tighter intervals when it's convenient for you.
  • Improved equipment resale value: A CVA can improve your equipment's resale value as it provides a more in-depth maintenance record. Potential buyers are likely to pay more for machinery with an excellent maintenance record. The resale value of your equipment is not guaranteed to increase.
  • Flexible agreements: With the many Cat CVA options, you have more flexibility to select a scalable plan that meets your needs.
  • Professional testing: Instead of testing your equipment on your own, CVAs give you access to trained technicians who can inspect your equipment for you. Since these technicians have specialist knowledge, global backup and advanced technology, they can quickly deliver accurate results and insights about your machinery.
  • Better budgeting: CVAs offer flexible payment options to your company's budget.

Are There Any Common Misconceptions About CVAs?

Some people think CVAs are just part kits. While a CVA will ensure you receive genuine Cat parts fast, they provide much more. Unlike a part kit, Cat CVAs give added value with software to manage your equipment's health, service options and expert dealer support.

Are There Any Common Misconceptions About CVAs?

Are There Different Kinds of CVAs?

When you select a CVA, you'll have a few options to choose from based on the type of equipment you want to add a CVA to. For example, new machines, equipment you already own, used machines and Cat Certified Used equipment all come with unique CVAs designed for their specific needs. With all these choices, you can find a CVA that aligns with your equipment and business needs.

Should I Get a Customer Value Agreement for Used Equipment?

When you're investing in used equipment, you want to ensure the machine can perform reliably and doesn't have maintenance issues from a past owner. A great piece of used equipment can deliver long-term performance at an affordable price. Of course, finding a machine you can trust to deliver excellent performance for a long time can be difficult if you're looking for it on your own.

Cat Used CVA makes finding your next piece of used equipment easy. With a CVA for used equipment, you can feel confident your used equipment will provide a high level of value for a long time. Reasons to choose CVAs for used machines include:

Reasons to Choose CVAs for Used Machines


  • Expert dealer support: When you invest in a Cat Used CVA, you'll receive expert dealer support. You can find customizable CVAs that provide repairs, troubleshooting and diagnostics. This dealer support can also offer trained technician assistance to help repair your machinery and get trusted performance out of it.
  • Hassle-free ownership: A CVA for used machines ensures ownership is simple. CVAs combine flexible payment term options, easy parts acquisition and in-depth dealer advice to give you more control over your machines.
  • Comprehensive maintenance: A CVA makes maintenance hassle-free. Whenever your machine needs maintenance, we'll get genuine Cat parts to you fast, delivering them wherever you want them. We also offer several service options to give you the flexibility you need for your maintenance requirements.
  • Better equipment health management: Our CVAs come with monitoring tools you can easily access to keep an eye on your machinery. You can quickly see crucial operating parameters, allowing you to manage your equipment's health. You can track your equipment's hours, fault codes, maintenance events, fuel burn and location.

You can even opt for a Cat Certified Used CVA if you purchase Cat Certified Used equipment. This kind of equipment has gone through a rigorous inspection, service and maintenance process to ensure it can perform like new. When you add a CVA to this equipment, you can receive the benefits listed above to keep it running at its best.

How Do I Get Started With a CVA?

When you want a CVA for your equipment, all you have to do is contact your local dealer. A representative will walk you through the various CVA options and help you select the one best suited for your needs. Please note, CVAs are subject to restrictions and availability. See your Cat dealer for details.

Choose Cat Used for Your Used Equipment Needs

If you're looking for a reliable piece of used equipment and want to add a CVA to it, turn to Cat Used. You can pick reliable machinery for your needs by browsing your dealer's inventory of used equipment. When you see a piece of equipment you like, contact your local Cat dealer to learn more about it and any CVAs you can add to it.

If a piece of equipment isn't currently available, you can sign up for email alerts to know exactly when it's back on the market.

Choose Cat Used for Your Used Equipment Needs

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Choose Cat Used for Your Used Equipment Needs
Choose Cat Used for Your Used Equipment Needs