Best Types of Heavy Equipment for Snow Removal

Best Types of Heavy Equipment for Snow Removal
Best Types of Heavy Equipment for Snow Removal
Author: Small Business Expert | January 20, 2021 | Topic: Used Equipment

Best Types of Heavy Equipment for Snow Removal

Whether you're dealing with large or small amounts of snow, you need the right equipment to remove it efficiently. If you're wondering what is the best snow removal equipment for your business, here are some of the top machines and attachments to choose from.

4 Best Types of Snow Removal Equipment

These four types of machines are ideal choices for removing snow:

  1. Skid steer loaders: Skid steer loaders are one of the most commonly used machines for snow equipment. They turn within their length for enhanced maneuverability and traction in tight spaces. With the right attachment option, they clear heavy snow with ease.
  2. Wheel loaders: Wheel loaders can do everything a skid steer loader can do with even more functionality. They turn quickly and easily navigate small spaces with great traction. These capabilities allow them to move more snow, faster, making them an excellent choice for clearing heavy snowfall and large areas.
  3. Backhoe loaders: Backhoe loaders can lift and compact snow for a highly versatile option. They operate smoothly in snowy and icy conditions, and they are well-suited to handling heavy, wet snow. Backhoe loaders are compatible with many different snow removal attachments, allowing you to work effectively in all types of conditions and environments.
  4. Motor graders: Motor graders are also highly effective snow removal machines. Commonly used in governmental and municipal applications, motor graders provide the power needed to remove snow on long stretches of road. In addition to the standard moldboard, graders can be equipped with a variety of versatile blade attachments.

4 Best Equipment Attachments for Snow Removal

Snow removal attachments help you get your job done more efficiently. The four top attachments include:

  1. Buckets: Snow buckets help you move large quantities of light snow. They are also used to load sand and other snow-melting materials onto trucks. Snow buckets work best on even ground and can be attached to various types of loaders and other heavy equipment.
  2. Snow blowers: Snow blowers are popular attachments for skid steer loaders and other snow removal equipment. They lift snow without damaging the surface underneath it, and they make snow more compact so it can be moved to a smaller area.
  3. V blades: V blades clear large areas like parking lots with superior efficiency. They can be positioned in a V, as a straight blade, or at a left or right angle for maximum versatility.
  4. Snow pushers: Snow pushers move heavy or large amounts of snow. They have rubber edges to prevent impacts, and they work best in spacious areas like parking lots and driveways.

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