Benefits of Using a Motor Grader on the Job

Benefits of Using a Motor Grader on the Job
Benefits of Using a Motor Grader on the Job
Author: Small Business Expert | July 3, 2020 | Topic: Used Equipment

Benefits of Using a Motor Grader on the Job

When it comes to paving roads and compacting materials, you need optimal efficiency and mobility. That’s why motor graders are excellent options for operators who work under harsh conditions. These machines deliver versatility and strength so you can do more in less time without compromising on performance.

What Is a Motor Grader?

A motor grader is a machine that shows just how far construction equipment has come with technology and power. During the grading process for construction or roadwork projects, the motor grader uses a blade to create an even surface. This machine is incredibly common in high-demand outdoor applications thanks to its rugged design and broad range of capabilities.

There are two main types of motor graders, including the rigid frame grader and the articulated frame grader. While rigid frame motor graders are made for open spaces, articulated frame motor graders are better suited for narrow work areas.

What Are Motor Graders Used For?

Motor graders are most often used for compacting, flattening and material processing jobs. A few common applications include:

  • Mixing two or more materials
  • Trenching
  • Road development and maintenance
  • Soil spreading and leveling
  • Creating slopes

Because motor graders have so many uses, they’re considered essential for most contractor fleets. Motor grader features often include high-performance hydraulics, GPS and ATS capabilities, laser, sonic and cross slope, which improve project performance and job speed.

Why Should I Use a Motor Grader?

Every machine you own is an asset to your business. So how does the motor grader set itself apart? We think it speaks for itself by providing a wide variety of on-the-job benefits, such as:

  • High-quality grading precision: When you need a machine that can deliver spot-on precision with every application, a motor grader is fit to handle the task. Whatever the project requirements, your equipment will provide a smooth, even surface that meets your exact specifications.
  • Compatibility with multiple attachments: A motor grader can be almost anything thanks to its compatibility with a variety of attachments. It’s easy to use plow and ripper attachments to turn your grader into a multi-purpose machine that can plow snow and break up asphalt.
  • Great work speeds: While motor graders operate on wheels, they tend to have great traction on several types of terrain. They’re also highly efficient, capable of working at quick speeds and traveling between job sites. You can even drive them on the street without a hassle!
  • Project versatility: The best part of having a motor grader is that it can work almost anywhere. High-quality graders are designed to arm your fleet with better versatility by offering a broad range of capabilities in a single package. From small bulldozing tasks to grading projects in compact spaces, your motor grader can handle almost anything you throw its way.

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