7 Things You Need to Know About CVAs for Used Cat® Equipment

7 Things You Need to Know About CVAs for Used Cat® Equipment
7 Things You Need to Know About CVAs for Used Cat® Equipment
Author: Small Business Expert | September 14, 2023 | Topic: Used Equipment

7 Things You Need to Know About CVAs for Used Cat® Equipment

Buying used equipment has many benefits for your business, including reducing initial costs, preventing significant depreciation, more selection and better contract flexibility. However, used equipment can't meet your performance needs without the proper care.

Managing used equipment maintenance, inspections and diagnostics can be challenging when you're busy with the daily tasks of running your business. A Customer Value Agreement for used equipment simplifies these processes, so you can maximize your machinery's potential.

Let's Talk About Cat® Customer Value Agreements

You rely on your equipment to get the job done. That's why you invested in Caterpillar in the first place — you knew it would get you far. But even the best equipment needs maintenance to give you the performance you rely on. That's where a Cat® Customer Value Agreement comes in. Whether you're buying a new or used Cat machine or looking to optimize the life of one you already own, Cat CVAs keep your equipment easy to use and ready to work.


1. What Is a CVA?

CVAs for used equipment are ownership plans that help you secure essential machinery, extend its useful life and maximize your investment without the hassle. A CVA aims to keep your heavy equipment in the best possible condition, lowering overall costs and maximizing productivity. No matter what your operation or business looks like, there's a CVA plan designed to fit your needs.

With Cat Certified Used CVAs, you'll get the most from your machine, including genuine Cat parts delivered for hassle-free and simplified maintenance. You can rest easy knowing your equipment is in peak condition. We'll roll your CVA into your monthly equipment payments for convenience, more uptime and low risk.


2. What You Get With a CVA

When you sign up to get a CVA, you gain instant value. You'll get benefits like:

  • Less downtime with planned maintenance, parts delivered when you need them and timely service, guaranteed by our Services Commitment.
  • Individual solutions with financing options and multiple CVA levels.
  • Savings on repair costs and time due to planned maintenance intervals.
  • Maximized performance through inspections and fluid health analysis.

A Cat CVA is an excellent way to maximize your business and equipment value. You can rely on Cat dealers to provide unparalleled service to help you maximize your savings on repairs. You can get the best performance from your equipment, protecting your investment in the long term.


3. What a CVA Does for Your Business

Your equipment and anything you do for your business should add value, so we aim to maximize capabilities for your peace of mind. A CVA for used machines promises many advantages.

Advantages of CVA for Used Machines
  • Hassle-free ownership and maintenance: A CVA allows you to have equipment parts shipped directly to your business so you can stay on schedule with your planned maintenance. Our team members will help by providing expert advice and simplified instructions, and you'll even have the option to roll your CVA payments into a single monthly payment for your convenience.
  • Continuous dealer support: A CVA gives you access to ongoing, reliable dealer support long after your equipment purchase. Our experts can supply you with genuine Cat parts for the best performance while offering troubleshooting and diagnostic services.
  • Reliable equipment health management: A CVA will give you access to VisionLink®, which allows you to monitor your equipment, including hours of operation, location, health alerts and inspection results, so you can take the best care of your machinery and extend your investment's life span.


4. What CVAs are Available for Your Operation?

Cat dealers offer various CVAs to meet the needs of different business operations. Buying a used machine gives you a few options for a CVA, including:

  • Convenience CVAs: If you do maintenance yourself, the Convenience Cat Used CVA is the best choice. With a Convenience CVA, you get genuine Cat parts delivered to your location on your schedule. From there, you perform maintenance when it's convenient for you.
  • Performance CVAs: The Performance CVA is best for businesses that need dealer support, service and maintenance. Like the Convenience CVA, you'll still get any genuine Cat parts you need delivered quickly. However, the Performance CVA has the added benefit of maintenance from an expert Cat dealer. This CVA also includes component protection for machines you already own.

Talk to your dealer to find the CVA that's best for you. Purchasing a new machine soon? Check out your CVA options here.


5. Why a CVA Works for Used Equipment

When you buy Cat used equipment, you likely won't know the machinery's history, including its maintenance and inspection record and the health of critical components.

Even if you don't have the complete details about your used equipment, a CVA helps relieve stress by enabling you to stay on top of equipment health and maintenance — so your machine is always ready to work. You might not know everything about the equipment you bought, but when you invest in a CVA, you can feel confident about taking care of your machine and your business.


6. How Services Commitment Adds Value to Your CVA and Operation

Services Commitment is what it sounds like — our promise to serve you. It's all about parts on time and priority service.

Two is the magic Services Commitment number. We'll ensure your maintenance and common repair parts are available when you need them as soon as the second business day — or Caterpillar pays. Plus, if you need a technician at your job site, we can have one there by the second day. It's a no-brainer when you need reliable parts on a dependable schedule. Talk to your dealer about the Services Commitment guarantee, or learn more here.

Services Commitment


7. How You Can Get a CVA

Getting a CVA starts with contacting your Cat dealer. From there, you can discuss the best CVA for you, features, benefits and payment options, including the possibility of financing through Cat Financial. They're always happy to help.

If you haven't worked with a Cat dealer before, find your dealer with our dealer locator.

Learn More About the Benefits of Used Cat Equipment

Buying used Cat equipment can help you find high-quality solutions for your business while staying within your budget, especially when paired with a CVA. Maximize your investment with the help of a Cat dealer, including maintenance, performance inspections and reliable support. Cat Used has you covered for all your used heavy equipment needs.

You can choose from our wide selection of used Cat equipment, from heavy machinery to attachments. When you buy your machinery or anytime after, ask your dealer about pairing a CVA with your purchase. Browse our website or find a dealer near you to get started.

Learn More About the Benefits of Used Cat Equipment

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Learn More About the Benefits of Used Cat Equipment
Learn More About the Benefits of Used Cat Equipment