5 Ways to Save Money on Your Construction Fleet

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Construction Fleet
5 Ways to Save Money on Your Construction Fleet
Author: Small Business Expert | February 26, 2024 | Topic: Used Equipment

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Construction Fleet

No matter the types of construction projects you complete, you and your team need access to reliable, durable equipment. Without it, you can't get your work done. However, construction fleet costs can be steep, leaving you without much room in your budget for other expenses. Understanding how to reduce your heavy equipment expenses can position you for growth and success.

What Is a Construction Fleet?

A construction fleet is your collection of construction vehicles and heavy equipment. Some examples of machinery you might have in your fleet include:

  • Bulldozers: Bulldozers are equipped with a wide, flat blade at the front to push around large quantities of loose materials like sand and rubble. Construction workers use them to clear and grade areas.
  • Excavators: This equipment is easily recognized by its extended arm and bucket. Excavators can rotate 360 degrees and dig trenches and foundations around job sites.
  • Dump trucks: Construction sites create a lot of debris. Dump trucks carry large amounts of materials to different locations on the job site or the dump site for disposal.
  • Loaders: These machines have a front-mounted bucket for loading materials into the dump truck. They can also help with laying pipes and clearing rubble.

Tips to Save Costs for Construction Fleets

The fleet you have at your disposal is your key to completing construction jobs adequately and on time. With the right machinery, your team can increase productivity and efficiency.

While investing in quality equipment is important to get the most out of your fleet, you also want to save on construction fleet costs when possible. These construction fleet management strategies can help:


1. Prioritize Maintenance and Upkeep

Completing regular maintenance can prevent costly breakdowns and extend the life span of your equipment. Have your team do routine inspections in between each job, checking for issues like worn parts and parts failure. If someone spots a problem, pull the equipment from your fleet to make the necessary repairs.

Be sure to maintain detailed records of your equipment's individual maintenance histories. This way, you can predict when you need to update parts and determine if one of the machines has a recurring issue. Stay on top of routine maintenance throughout the year so you can get the most out of your fleet.


2. Use Construction Fleet Management Software

Fleet management software is one of the best ways fleet managers can cut costs. Software can help you keep track of the following components to save you money:

Use Construction Fleet Management Software


  • Fuel usage: You can get tools to help you monitor and analyze fuel consumption, so you don't spend more than necessary on fueling up your fleet.
  • Safety compliance: Software can monitor safety-related areas of concern, such as compliance with regulatory requirements and safety performance tracking.
  • Budgeting: Software can give you detailed insight into every part of your fleet operations. You can compare costs directly with your budget to ensure you don't overspend.

Similarly, consider installing fleet-tracking devices in your construction vehicles. These devices link to an onboarding diagnostics system, enabling you to monitor many aspects of your fleet. For example, you'll get reports and data on how long a vehicle is in use during the workday to help you understand fuel and repair costs.


3. Invest in Operator Training

Make sure to train your equipment operators in the best practices for each piece of equipment. When your team knows how to properly use machinery, they won't overuse it or operate it in a way that accidentally increases wear. As a result, you can reduce fuel and repair expenses.

Construction equipment is also consistently evolving with better technology and advanced features, so you want to ensure your workers stay informed. Plus, training your operators continuously can keep them updated on industry regulations for better compliance.

You can customize training programs to the specific needs of your fleet and project types.


4. Sell Underutilized Assets

You can repair and maintain machines to extend their use lives, but you'll eventually need to upgrade them. Keeping machines you don't use can result in wasting money on storage costs. One option to free up capital and reduce overhead is to sell equipment that doesn't contribute to your productivity. You can then relocate the money toward assets your team will use more often.


5. Buy Used Machines

Purchasing used construction equipment is the best way to save money when building out your equipment fleet. Additionally, it provides these benefits:

  • Less depreciation: Most depreciation occurs in the first few years. Buying new means the value of equipment could decrease quickly, whereas used could have a slower depreciation rate.
  • High-quality brands: Buying used equipment can make higher-quality brands more accessible to you. For example, if you like the features a specific machinery company provides but can't afford a piece of their equipment new, you may be able to find a used option that suits your needs and budget.
  • Inspection and history: When you work with a reliable equipment dealer to find used machinery, you have access to the equipment's use and service history. As a result, you know exactly what to expect.

Ultimately, the only significant difference you'll note when browsing used equipment is its affordable costs — choosing certified used machinery provides peace of mind knowing they have met certain conditions under a robust assessment process, so when you're ready to work, your equipment is too, allowing you to save money on your construction fleet.

Buy Used Machines

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