5 Questions to Ask When Buying Used Heavy Equipment

5 Questions to Ask When Buying Used Heavy Equipment
5 Questions to Ask When Buying Used Heavy Equipment
Author: Small Business Expert | July 9, 2020 | Topic: Used Equipment

5 Questions to Ask When Buying Used Heavy Equipment

Buying used equipment for your business can take a lot of capital, so it's essential to do your research on the machine and the dealer before making your purchase. You also want to make sure the dealer provides you with all the information you need to make an informed decision, which means you need to ask them the right questions.

If you're wondering what to ask when buying used heavy equipment, here are some of the top questions.


1. How Long Have You Been in Business?

The number of years the dealer has been in business will give you an idea of their depth of knowledge and place in the industry.

This is also a great first question to broach the topic of the dealer's reputation. A reputable dealer will have a presence in the marketplace and satisfied customers willing to vouch for them.

Be wary of dealers who have sold equipment under multiple business names, as this could be an indication of questionable dealings.


2. Are the Service Records Available?

A reputable dealer will have detailed service logs that include repair and maintenance history. These records are essential to helping you determine whether the item was well cared for and the potential risk of any future issues.

Be sure to ask about any time lapses in the service history and confirm that the machine was properly serviced when it was put back in commission. You'll also want to ask for records of the machine's operating hours so you can be sure it hasn't been overworked.

In addition to service records, it's a good idea to ask for ownership records, which provide further information about how long the machine has been circulating and other details from previous ownership.


3. How Does This Machine Compare to a Newer Model?

Technological advancements are being made faster than ever before, so older equipment may not have some of the features of newer machines. Even if having the latest tech is not overly important to you, it's good to understand the differences so you know exactly what you're getting and how it compares to other equipment.


4. Can I Test Drive It?

If you have experience with the type of equipment you're looking to buy, you know how it's supposed to handle. Taking the machine for a test drive lets you make sure you like how it rides and feel more confident about its operation.


5. Do You Offer Parts and Services for the Equipment?

Many reputable dealers will provide the parts and services you need for the machines you purchase from them. Going to the original dealer for service will ensure your investment is taken care of by a team that already knows its specifications and requirements.

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