5 Must-Have Attachments for Your Heavy Equipment

5 Must-Have Attachments for Your Heavy Equipment
5 Must-Have Attachments for Your Heavy Equipment
Author: Small Business Expert | January 15, 2021 | Topic: Used Equipment

5 Must-Have Attachments for Your Heavy Equipment

Attachments help you get the most out of your equipment. Whether you're using a mini excavator, skid steer, telehandler, or other heavy equipment, implementing attachments makes your machines more versatile and allows you to take on more jobs. Here are the top attachments for your heavy equipment.


1. Augers

If your work involves digging holes, an auger is one of the best equipment attachments to own. This drilling attachment features a spiral blade that penetrates deep into the ground, removing the soil as it rotates. Augers are an essential tool for landscaping, agriculture, mining and numerous other industries. They are also available with various features, speeds, and torque capabilities to handle different terrain, from soft soil to hard rock.


2. Buckets

Buckets are an excellent choice for material handling applications. From grapple buckets that securely pick up hard-to-lift items to multipurpose buckets that help with leveling to skeleton buckets for spading and sieving with an excavator, there are bucket options for all types of jobs and heavy equipment.


3. Blades

If you need to move rocks, dirt, debris, or other substances, blade attachments are designed to move materials and smooth them out. Common types of blades include:

  • S-blades. S-blades are straight, horizontal blades ideal for backfilling and carrying small loads.
  • U-blades. U-blades are larger than S-blades and have a slight curve to them, which prevents materials from spilling out.
  • Cushion blades. Cushion blades are wear-resistant and reinforced for pushing heavier materials.
  • Grading blades. Grading blades allow you to flatten surfaces and level out the ground.

There are also blades with special features for landfills, mulch, coal work and other earthmoving tasks.


4. Backhoes

Backhoe attachments have sturdy teeth to break through compressed, hard soil. They are well-suited to a wide range of tasks, including backfilling, utility trenching and digging. Because they are so versatile, they are frequently used in construction, landscaping and industrial applications. They come in various styles and sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your heavy equipment.


5. Forks

Forks are an exceptional tool for transporting materials. The two long, thin, adjustable tines fit into pallets and underneath totes and other objects to move materials around with ease. Whether you're working on a farm, in a warehouse, or at another commercial location, forks help maximize productivity.

Why Buy Used Equipment Attachments?

Buying used attachments for your heavy equipment can save you money on upfront purchase costs without sacrificing quality. A used attachment can also hold its value with proper maintenance, as it does not experience a high level of initial depreciation.

There are many used models to choose from, which is especially important for finding attachments with the unique features you need. Used attachments are typically available right away, so you can put them to work sooner and reduce downtime while upgrading your equipment.

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