5 Common Used Heavy Equipment Myths and Misconceptions

5 Common Used Heavy Equipment Myths and Misconceptions
5 Common Used Heavy Equipment Myths and Misconceptions
Author: Small Business Expert | March 22, 2022 | Topic: Used Equipment

5 Common Used Heavy Equipment Myths and Misconceptions

Often, construction site leaders are hesitant to purchase used equipment. We get it — we've heard the horror stories, too. But we want to reassure you that buying used equipment is a safe, affordable way to get the equipment you need without breaking the bank.

Here are the top five myths and misconceptions about buying used heavy equipment.

5 Common Myths and Misconceptions About Buying Used Heavy Equipment

If you've dealt with heavy equipment, you've definitely heard some of these myths before. You might have even believed them. But that's why we're here — to show you why they're just myths.


1. Cost-Effectiveness

MYTH: You'll spend more money on a piece of used heavy equipment than you would on a new machine.

FACT: It's fair to be concerned about the hidden expenses that can come from used equipment. Unexpected repairs can be costly and put a strain on your business.

A trustworthy dealer, however, can help you ensure you're getting the most for your money. When a used equipment dealer gets a new piece of equipment, they make sure it's in good working condition and perform any needed repairs before putting it on the sale lot. Taking the time to research the seller and inspect the machine you're interested in can help you avoid any expensive surprises.


2. Poor Customer Service

MYTH: If any issues arise with your used equipment after you buy it, you're on your own.

FACT: A reputable dealer will treat your purchase as the start of a long business relationship rather than the end of the sales process. At the very least, they should offer regular scheduled maintenance and servicing using parts directly from your equipment manufacturer.

You will just want to make sure the dealership you choose offers some type of extended protection plan for their used equipment as well as their new machines. These plans can vary from retailer to retailer, so it's a good idea to get all the details you can before making a purchase. After all, a good plan is a must for extending the lifespan of any piece of equipment.


3. Lack of Machine Availability

MYTH: You won't be able to find a used machine that meets your needs.

FACT: While it's true that a dealer might have a more diverse selection of new machines on the lot, it's still possible to find a used machine that ticks all your boxes.

If you go to a dealership that has multiple sites, your dealer may be able to find the piece you need at one of their other locations. There's usually a good selection of machines around the two to five-year mark in most dealership networks, so talk to your dealer about what you need.


4. Outdated Equipment

MYTH: Used heavy equipment is old or obsolete, so finding the right parts will be difficult.

FACT: Many used equipment dealers will offer upgrades and advanced retrofits to ensure the equipment is ready for the demands of current job sites. A reliable dealership will also source genuine parts from your manufacturer to ensure your part is repairable no matter how old your model is.

Usually, a dealer will update and refurbish older equipment before selling it, but if you need any additional modifications, some will provide these services to meet your operation's specific needs.


5. Shorter Lifespan

MYTH: The previous owners sold their equipment because it was full of issues. It won't last much longer.

FACT: Most owners sell or trade in equipment because their needs change. If an owner does try to trade in a problematic machine, a good dealer will recognize the red flags.

You can avoid paying for a short-lived vehicle by being thorough in your research. When you're shopping for a used machine, be sure to ask your dealer for a full account of its service history. You'll know you're in good hands if you get detailed records of every procedure the machine has undergone, from regular maintenance to emergency repairs.

Additionally, you should inspect the machine as closely as possible before you buy. If you're shopping online or trying to decide whether you should check the machine out in person, ask for an assortment of photos and a 360-degree walkaround video if possible.

The Benefits of Buying Used Cat® Equipment

Why buy used Cat® equipment? We want to help you make your work possible on your budget. Here's how.


Cat Certified Used

With Cat Certified Used equipment, you can trust that the equipment is selected, inspected and serviced to a higher standard.

Cat Certified Used


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Long-Lasting Support

When you buy used equipment from a Cat dealer, you'll gain access to Cat services and support, including regular maintenance, genuine Cat parts and even expert-led training programs — all from your dealership.

You should also ask your dealer about a Customer Value Agreement (CVA) plan for your used equipment. A CVA is essentially a comprehensive ownership plan designed with your convenience in mind. While the details of your plan may vary depending on your dealer, your industry and your Cat product, you'll still gain access to benefits like:

  • Genuine Cat parts delivered straight to your location when you need them.
  • Valuable advice on your equipment and operations.
  • A convenient way to monitor your operation's fluid health and assets.
  • Annual inspections.
  • Access to the Cat App.

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