4 Powerful Benefits of Buying a Used Generator

4 Powerful Benefits of Buying a Used Generator
4 Powerful Benefits of Buying a Used Generator
Author: Small Business Expert | August 11, 2020 | Topic: Used Equipment

4 Powerful Benefits of Buying a Used Generator

Your organization might see the cost of a new generator as too steep to be worthwhile. Still, that on-site generator may be the difference in whether your business avoids costly downtime or an unexpected outage. Luckily, buying used offers a convenient, cost-effective choice.

While a power generator's purpose is often specific to an industry or application, there are several perks shared among any used diesel, propane, natural gas or electric gensets. We've covered the key factors below.

Used Generator Advantages

1. Lower Prices

The clearest benefit of selecting a used generator is simple — you spend less than you would when buying a brand-new unit. Businesses from small to large can take advantage of this chance to enhance power capabilities and operate uninterrupted, all for a fraction of the cost.


2. Shorter Lead Times

A new generator is nice to have, but often won't be available immediately. It can take several weeks or months to fulfill a new generator order because the manufacturer has to assemble and configure it for the buyer.

However, used generators in a dealer's stock are pre-built, ready for delivery and able to run right away. Instead of waiting for the manufacturer to deliver a month or two in the future, dealers can have your used generator installed as soon as possible.


3. Less Paperwork

There's always some signing and filing documents to do when buying a generator. You'll need to finalize paperwork regardless of how you acquire the equipment, but the pre-owned market requires you to go through fewer channels. The result is faster generator acquisition, which can be vital for critical needs.


4. Reliability From Trusted Distributors

A common misconception is that an older model of generator can't perform at the same levels as a new one. However, what upholds the real value is the manufacturer's legacy and the team offering used generator sales and service.

If you're weighing the advantages of buying a used generator, the most important factor is a partner with factory-trained technicians on staff who maintain and back their used inventory. Cat Certified Used equipment, for example, must have up-to-date documentation and pass a thorough inspection, and dealers provide a wealth of resources to give customers full confidence.

Less Risk, More Confidence | Cat® Certified Used Equipment

Tips for Buying Used Generators

If you've decided to purchase a pre-owned generator, now's the time to invest the same research you'd conduct for a new unit. When buying any type of used generator, consider:

  • Age and usage hours: A trustworthy seller should know what application their used generator previously served. Check the manufacturing year since hours can be rather low if the generator spent most of its time in standby mode.
  • Maintenance history: To ensure you're getting a reliable product, request proof that the generator received regular service and has components in good repair. You won't want to have to replace a critical part within the early days of ownership.
  • Load-testing services: Any reputable dealer should have run a load test to verify the system's efficiency. Ask for the most recent evaluation of the frequency and output.
  • Limited warranties and guarantees: Compare the equipment protections you'll receive, which are usually given to refurbished and certified products. Used generators with a manufacturer's warranty are a huge plus to working with an authorized dealer.

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